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2/10/13 4:23 P

You need to get this checked out by your sounds like you could have strained or torn your calf muscle.....or partially ruptured your achilles tendon.....If you Google this you can find stories similar to yours.

However since walking is painful and problematic, I would not try to self diagnose and treat.

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2/10/13 4:11 P

First, see a doctor! It sounds like it could be serious.

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2/10/13 4:11 P

I would go to a physiotherapist to get checked out and as long as your nutrition is in line, you should still lose weight.

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2/10/13 3:34 P

I have injured myself while working out with mY Trainer this past week. My calf muscle went POP and I haven't really been able to walk very well this week. It's got some bruising and i'm starting to move a bit better since last tuesday, but still hurts. So I haven't done much in the way of exercise. I am trying to ease my way back into something, but I am having issues. My main idea is maybe doing some Pilates exercises. i did go for a walk with my husband on saturday , but I think that aggitated my muscles in my legs as my muscles are quite mad at me today.

So I am seeking ideas to at least keep my exercises going in some capacity. I am also worried about gaining since i have not been as active this week!

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