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12/12/12 11:16 A

Go to your local physical therapist. They are professionals at telling people what exercises to do for injuries. They have saved me.

It might be less expensive if you get a family physician to prescribe or order the PT so that your medical insurance pays for the appointment.

12/12/12 4:17 A

Listening to experiences is great, but i would check with your PT before experimenting with any techniques not mentioned by your PT. What works for one person can injure another person. Most rehab failures can be avoided by following the PT's advice to the letter.

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12/12/12 1:24 A

I have a physical therapist, and she has given me plenty of exercises to rehab. I was basically asking about other people's experience with similar injuries (ie- getting back to pushups, back entensions, etc).

12/12/12 1:11 A

Injury rehabilitation should be based on a person's medical history, abilities, and limitations, none of which we know about. A physical therapist or sports doctor is the proper person to ask those questions, so i would schedule a visit to one of them. They can give you a customized program based on your individual situation. Following generalized advice from a chat forum could conceivably make the problems worse.

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12/12/12 12:10 A

Does anyone have any suggestions for a shoulder injury (I tore my labrum)?

Also, any suggestions for a lower back strain would be appreciated... I'm taking an anti-inflammatory and switching between ice and heat.

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