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3/20/14 10:51 A

I am all for talking with your doctor as other posters have mentioned. However...don't believe everything a physical therapist tells you. Listen to YOUR body, and if something hurts...stop doing it! No matter what they physical therapist says. I've been to 3 because of low back problems (lots of herniated discs, DDD, and pinched nerves) and every single one of them has actually made me worse. I do Pilates now. It's carefully taught to me with lots of attention on body mechanics and exercises that strengthen not just my back, but my entire core. That has been the most helpful to me personally. My instructor has additional training in rehab and anatomy. She gives me things to do at home in addition to what we do during class.
I know the difference between soreness after using muscles that haven't been used in a while or never at all and real pain. My instructor is great and tries things out with me. If they hurt we modify them or don't do them. It's too bad insurance won't pay for that instead of more useless physical therapy.

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3/20/14 9:58 A

here is an article you might want to read on Bad Backs and Playing Golf

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3/20/14 9:54 A

you really need to discuss that with your doctor and therapist because they know the condition of your spine and which exercises you need to avoid. best wishes

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3/20/14 9:51 A


Because of your medical condition, I'd recommend asking your doctor what exercises are safe and what you should avoid. They might even be able to refer you to see a physical therapist who can design a set of exercises specific to your needs.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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3/20/14 9:38 A

I have congenital disc disease which often causes considerable lower back pain. Are there exercises which will help me deal with this problem?

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