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7/5/13 9:23 A

I would also recommend speaking with your doctor. It's possible to make it worse if you try to do too much on it too soon, which may keep you from running for an even longer time.

I do hope you have a speedy recovery!

Coach Denise

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7/5/13 8:29 A

I am not a doctor, but the way I've handled all injuries for me is to do RICE for at least a week. If it is getting better, stay the course and slowly reintroduce activity as things shore up.

If it's staying the same or getting worse after that week, see a doctor. Of course, if the pain is to the point where it is affecting my daily life, I'd see a doc right away.

I also refrain from asking for medical advice on internet forums. emoticon

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7/5/13 8:20 A

With an injury, you should really speak with a doctor, especially if it hasn't improved. And we really shouldn't provide exercise suggestions. We could cause more damage.

7/5/13 8:06 A

A couple of years ago, I twisted my ankle severely enough to warrant a trek to the doctor's office, where he promptly put me on crutches and a six-week stay-off-the-foot regimen.

I learned then that doctors have a scale to rate twisted ankles as to degree of severity. That you are unable to walk from one side of the house to the other without bringing on pain would probably come out on the scale as a more serious strain. And a doctor would likely recommend you stay off your foot until you can make that trek without pain of any kind.

Here's hoping for the best for you. But you might want to consider going to the doctor if this pain persists. And do be realistic about the need to allow complete healing before you start your runs again. Better to take a bit longer to heal than to worsen the problem, right?

Best of success to you.

Margaret--Spring, TX
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7/4/13 9:59 P

I twisted my ankle on Monday. :( I have been icing my ankle, taking anti-inflamatories, wearing an Ace compression band, and resting. I can put weight on the joint and walk normally, but not for very long. Basically from one side of the house the other before it starts to hurt. It is swollen, but not too bad. No bruising at all.

At this point, what should I do 4 days post injury? When should I start to try to at least walk for exercise? When should I try to run again? I'm going crazy not running! I miss it. :(

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