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1/25/13 12:29 A

Thanks! I had a look at it and it really helped.

COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
1/24/13 10:23 P

This article has some tips on working out in small indoor spaces:
. Also, I would recommend trying some of Coach Nicole's workout videos in the Articles & Videos tab at the top of the page.

Coach Denise

1/24/13 1:37 A

I live in an apartment with a big parking lot with lots of space between cars. But it always seems to be full of people my age who are playing around. I find it very awkward that I exercise with them watching. Plus they never tend to leave me alone, always dragging me back with them to just gossip, with no exercise getting done. They don't need any cos one of my friends is like 20 kgs, another is 25 and the heaviest is 35 kgs. So now I've started exercising indoors. Any tips on how to?

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