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9/22/13 8:47 A

Where I live there are a few stores called "Play it Again Sports." I got my stationary bike there for a fraction of the cost I'd have paid in the stores.

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9/22/13 12:09 A


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9/21/13 9:47 P

Here's another option: find a regular bike -- the kind you ride outdoors. Get an indoor trainer for it (lots of sales right now), new ones retail for somewhere between $150 to $300. Don't go too cheap when getting a trainer, though. The rides are not nearly as smooth or consistent as mid-range ones. As a bonus, when you get bored with the cycling inside, you can take the bike outside. Outside is much more pleasant! :)

Don't have a bike? First, go to a bike shop or two and find out what kind of bikes there are and, most importantly, what size bike you need. It's the end of the season, and you might find some deals that fit your budget. If you're on a tight budget, now that you know your size, Craigslist should have a bunch available.

If, after riding on your bike for a while, you find you don't like the saddle, you can replace the saddle pretty easily (in fact, you might be able to swap out seats on cycling machines). It's also much easier to customize the handlebar height, handlebar distance from the seat, seat height, saddle position, etc. The ones at the gym are nice and all, but the handlebars are too far forward for my short little frame. My road bike fits me better -- loose translation: I'll ride longer. And I absolutely LOVE that I can take it outside and do group rides.

You'll also want a little cyclocomputer that tells you your speed and cadence. They can be had for around $35; if you're handy with an iPhone or very new Android (with bidirectional USB support like a Galaxy S3 or S4), you can get a $50 Garmin cadence/speed sensor and use your cell phone to view (and record) your workout.

If you get tired of it, it's pretty easy to sell the bike and trainer separately, since bikes can be used for transportation, and budget-minded cyclists/triathletes are always looking for used gear.

It may not be what you, TACDGB, are looking for. But others reading might realize there's a bike in their garage that they can use for the price of a trainer and cyclocomputer.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
9/20/13 5:53 P

I am looking for an indoor bike too. I believe that you should test drive one first. They all have different size seats. If it isn't comfortable you won't ride it. And what kind are you looking for.? A recumbent, upright or spin bike............? Me I want an upright or spin bike. I am going test drive shopping in November I believe........and hopefully bring one home.

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9/20/13 5:48 P

COCANTU81: I suggest Googling, Googling, Googling until you read a lot of reviews and see a lot of prices.

Here is a site that compares some less-expensive bikes:

I think there is always the possibility that one gets what he/she pays for. If a new bike is too cheap, I would wonder how long it would last.

Also, depending on where you live, For Sale in the Ad section of papers, Craig's list, etc, often have good exercise bikes for cheap because the people who bought them don't use them, and they take up too much room.

I added an Airdyne Evolution to my home gym, but they are rather expensive; so I would not recommend them; maybe you can find a used one in good shape. The older model AirDynes are very durable and give both an upper and lower body workout. In bigger cities, one can sometimes find the older Airdynes that are still in good condition.

Good luck!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,584
9/20/13 7:41 A

Find the channel of IZZY BARISH on YouTube and see his "home Gym". He started working on building it in 1979 and it is great.

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9/20/13 6:27 A

I am looking for input and ideas on the best but unexpensive indoor cycling machine out there. I am slowly building a small gym at home and want to add an indoor bike. I am on a tight tight budget. Thanks in advance. :)

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