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ALYSSAR2012 Posts: 375
2/8/12 8:25 P

@AMARIEL- Haha, sounds fun, but our stairs are not carpeted (so that would probably hurt a bit). As for the scavenger hunt, that sounds like something that would frustrate him. He gives up reallllllyy easily. Thank you for your suggestions.

ALYSSAR2012 Posts: 375
2/8/12 8:22 P

@CMP555 - That animal game sounds really fun, I'm sure my son would like that. Thanks for that idea! Funny that you mentioned hide-and-seek.. My son is afraid to play that game. If we do play, I have to hide somewhere obvious (he will actually tell me where to hide and place me there). Something about the suspense and not being able to find me right away makes him really anxious and scared. :( I'm sure he'll eventually grow out of that, though.

ALYSSAR2012 Posts: 375
2/8/12 8:18 P

@JESSICACTORRES- Yeah, I was trying to find some kind of dance game for the Kinect while I was at the store the other day, but unfortunately I did not. I would walk with him, but my neighborhood isn't the safest... Thank you for your response!

ALYSSAR2012 Posts: 375
2/8/12 8:16 P

@COOLEYFAM- We have a xbox with a kinect, not a wii. Thank you for your suggestion, though.

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2/7/12 12:12 P

You could do a scavenger hunt around the house. Have him go find things as fast as he can & bring them to you. Time him & make a game out of it.
I remember when I was a kid, my brother & I would climb to the top of the stairs, then slide down on our bottoms. Keep doing that over & over and it is a good work out.

2/6/12 7:46 P

My daughter is three and my son is 1. We like to dance together. We will make up routines
(three or four moves) then copy each other or do different types of dancing, square dance, ballroom, breakdance. I don't really know the steps, we just make them up by imitating movies or TV shows. We also pretend to be animals--trot like a horse, bounce like a kangaroo, swing our trunks(arm) like an elephant, flap our wings, etc. We make noises along with the movements. We also play hide and seek-not quite as active, but better then watching TV.

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2/6/12 4:06 P

You mentioned xbox kinect ... i'm not an expert on that one, but we do have a wii. The kids love all the sports games and Just Dance game.

My 3 year old likes to go for walks (even when it's cold, we just bundle up and walk for a few minutes), she loves to dance, she loves to twirl and spin.

COOLEYFAM Posts: 174
2/6/12 1:19 P

Nickalodeon Wii Fit

ALYSSAR2012 Posts: 375
1/29/12 2:28 A

@LISADAWN1312 - Wow, that's creative! And Simon says could be really active now that I think about it. Thanks a lot!

LISADAWN1312 Posts: 288
1/23/12 1:05 P

We play Simon Says, and we have made up a game of Crazy Eights, where every time you want to change suit, you have do a crazy movement for 30 sec Take giant steps around the table), or guess how many of an exercise you can do in 30 secs (25 pushups, 15 situps, 40 jumping jacks).

ALYSSAR2012 Posts: 375
1/23/12 7:00 A

@APPLEKISSPEAR - Funnn! He would love that. Thanks for the suggestion, I don't know why I didn't think of that. =) emoticon

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1/22/12 11:49 P

Put on his favorite music, and have a dance off. :) I love dancing with the kids.

ALYSSAR2012 Posts: 375
1/21/12 1:12 A

@WHOAMI9999- No, we don't have any nearby playplaces unfortunately. I've been thinking about putting him in a sport when summer starts. He goes to daycare (which has a preschool program that he is in), so he does get playtime outside when he is there.

Yeah, as far as exercise dvds go, that sounds like a good idea. I don't tell my son to exercise, but when he sees me get my dvds and dumbbells out and put my workout stuff on, he always says "Mom, is it time for us to exercise today? I want big muscles!" (or something similar)

@CUDA440- That sounds really fun! He would enjoy one of those. Thanks for sharing.

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1/20/12 6:59 P

I know my brother just purchased a mini trampoline for my nephew to jump around on in the basement. They are short, low to ground, not too high priced and some of the kids ones have a handle that they can hold onto and bonce.

Sorry he is sick that he can't go outside right now. My kids go sledding all the time and just climb up and down any snow pile.


WHOAMI9999 Posts: 48
1/20/12 4:23 P

Are there any indoor playplaces near you? - we have a mall with a free indoor playarea, or if it holds his attention you can just walk around the mall looking at different things. Are there any kid classes that he would be interested in (if it is within your budget)? There are lots of gymnastics classes geared towards that age, and my son started karate when he was 4 and loves it. Any indoor pools you can go to - he can start swim lessons or just play in the pool too.

At 4, kids naturally want to just run around. When he gets over being sick, can you just bundle up and go to the playground or park? Any places you can go where he can actively play with other kids?

If he wants to do dvds that's great - maybe let him know that he can just do whatever parts are fun for him and he doesn't have to do the whole thing. I never tell my son to exercise, but he will see me exercising at home and start doing his own thing like jumping jacks or crunches on his own and I will encourage it.

Also - is he at home with you, or does he go to preschool or daycare? If he does go to one of these is there a recess period where he is running around playing - that counts as exercise if he is being active.

ALYSSAR2012 Posts: 375
1/20/12 1:16 A

@AHENRY30 - Thank you for your reply. I thought "real" exercise would be too strict/harsh for a young child, so I stopped allowing him to exercise with me. I just wanted to be sure exercise wouldn't turn into something negative for him if I told him to do things that seem repetitive and boring. My son loves to exercise and imitate me/the people on the dvd, but I just want him to remember exercise/physical activity as fun so that he continues to do it. I guess allowing him to do "real" exercise with me is okay for now until he gets bored, and then I can find fun ways to switch it up.

AHENRY30 Posts: 1,011
1/19/12 2:36 P

My son loves to do sit ups next to me on a mini exercise ball, he uses one of the larger outside balls that you can buy at Target/Walmart. We also do jump jacks and work on counting, walk around the house doing lunges, and climb the stairs. With the stairs he just does one at a time while I do two and then three. He thinks it's so great to exercise with mommy and it makes him feel like a big kid.

ALYSSAR2012 Posts: 375
1/19/12 11:41 A

We haven't had snow all winter, and my son currently has pneumonia. Thanks for the suggestions though, I appreciate your response.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 24,417
1/19/12 8:27 A

Since you live in a climate where you say it is cold... ice skating, sled riding, making snowmen, shoveling snow.
Snow forts, snowball fights.
That's what my kids did. And when it snowed again yesterday, that's what the neighbor kids were doing.

ALYSSAR2012 Posts: 375
1/19/12 1:42 A

I have a 4 year old boy. He is thin (overly thin if you ask my family), but I am worried about him becoming fat as the years progress. (I have this weird phobia of allowing my kid to become the slightest bit close to even chubby. I just REALLY don't want him to have to deal with the stresses and health issues of growing up fat like I did.) He eats relatively healthy (I raised him to prefer healthier foods and water/milk over juice), but I must admit, he does have one too many snacks a little more often than he should. Reason for that being my mother and sister like to give him junk food to undermine my authority... For example, he'll ask for a Fudge Round from my sister. I'll tell him sure, he can have one but that's it. He eats it.... Then he gets a little greedy and says "Mmm.. That was tasty. Can I have another one mom?" (Since he doesn't normally eat stuff like that.) I tell him no, because that's not good for his body. My sister or mother will then be like "Here, you can have another one, you're really skinny so it's fine. You need it."
We move out of my mother's house this summer though, so I have stopped worrying about the food as much for now..

The point of this topic is, with it being cold outside, there isn't much fun physical activities he can do indoors to keep healthy. I throw a ball around my room with him and I let him run a small distance to go get the ball and bounce it back at me (we do this for 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how carried away we get with the ball, haha).
We also have a Kinect for out Xbox. However, sometimes it doesn't scan him. He's short for his age, so where we have it positioned doesn't always work out in his favor.. I don't allow him to play the xbox enough for him to understand and grasp the concept of the games we have anyways.

I used to let him do exercise dvds with me, but decided that that wasn't the best approach to physical fitness for his age group.

Do any of you know any fun indoor physical activities me and my 4 year old son can do together?

(P.S. He likes to dance and jump around, but loses interest quickly if what we are doing is too repetitive.)

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