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2/18/13 10:05 P

I like to do Zumba.

2/16/13 10:37 A

okay, so as well as these exercises, I will jog for fifteen minutes a day....for starters, then I'll increase the pace up...thanks!
COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,425
2/16/13 10:34 A

You can search for those exercises in your Fitness Tracker page to see what the calorie burned amounts for you. That will differ for everyone depending on your weight and how fast you are doing them. With that said though, those do not burn many calories. Cardio burns more calories, so you need to incorporate that as well.

Coach Denise

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2/15/13 10:55 P

How many calories does 4 sets of 10 plain old lunges burn? I do 2 sets of ten on every leg. I also do 2 sets of 5 squats every morning, afternoon and evening...and if I eat evening snacks, I do 8 sets of 5 reps of lying abduction. Does that burn enough calories to lose atleast two pounds a month???
COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,425
2/13/13 3:06 P

I would recommend checking out the workout videos and exercise demos in the Fitness section of the Articles & Videos section tab at the top of the page. There are plenty of workout ideas/exercises/videos that you can do at home/indoors.

Coach Denise

Check out my blog on my sparkpage to find out about new features and updates on SparkTeens!
2/13/13 9:15 A

I use fitnessblender for workout videos to do indoors. I really like them and most burn a lot of calories!

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2/12/13 10:38 A

I need indoor exercises that burn the most calories...any suggestions???
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