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3/16/11 11:16 P

My kids are older, but trying to think of what worked when they were toddlers---hide-and-seek, treasure hunt, dancing to music (esp. kids music).

I have a bunch of foam blocks that I got when my oldest (now 11) was 2, and they STILL PLAY WITH THEM. Best kids' toy ever.

I think my kids got into seeing *ME* move, so if she sees you having fun, then surely she'll join in? Think about the timing, though (not when it's naptime).

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3/16/11 6:31 P

Is she too young for Twister?

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3/10/11 5:50 P

I second the familyfun site. It's a great resource. hokey pokey/chicken dance/head-shoulders-knees-toes; feather dancing; balloon games; freeze dance-take turns being in charge of the music; hula hoop (jump through them); paper plate skating; hopscotch (form squares w/ yarn or something

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DWILCZKO Posts: 3,010
3/7/11 12:49 A

have them help you clean up!

3/4/11 3:13 P

There is a site from Family Fun magazine that has a lot of ideas for crafts and cooking projects to do with kids. I hope you check it out.

I think the site is

Good luck!

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3/4/11 2:44 A

My daughter is only 21 months old, and I switch up our routine. Some days we go outside or to the park or take the dog for a walk. Sometimes we stay indoors and color or play with play-doh or she'll help me put away dishes, laundry, etc. I even try and take the time to fit in my exercise DVD's 2-3 times a week, and if she wants to dance along with me or attempt some of the moves I encourage her, but if she doesn't I politely explain that "mommy needs to finish this, not too much longer and we can play and do something you want to" and she generally does OK with that and let's me finish... sometimes she'll scream bloody murder and cling to my legs, but I'm determined to get in my exercise and continue to calmly and quietly repeat that I need to finish and we'll do what she wants when I'm done.

3/2/11 2:34 P

It never fails. I made a list of resolutions last week, and one was to do something active with my three year old daughter for at least fifteen minutes a day, which is easy when the weather is fair, but it's been raining a lot lately. Any ideas for indoor physical activities? I've tried the Sesame Street dance dvd with Paula Abdul but she doesn't actually dance along with it. I also don't want to go out to a mall or anything during the week.

I brainstormed the below, but it gets kind of old doing the same things over and over:
Yogakids DVD
Simon Says
Rolling a ball back and forth

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