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Channa masala is chickpeas, tomatoes, and onions. Saag paneer is spinach and a kind of cheese.

Couple options to look at off the top of my head.

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Try having the tandoori dishes, where the meat comes roasted from the tandoor and isn't covered in much.

Saag Paneer would be a good dish as well, higher protein and low carb.

Read the ingredients for the main dishes, lots of them will be grain free, so carbs will come mostly from use of onions and spices.

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Thanks. I know the naan is yummy and delicious, but bad bad bad. I'm also steering clear of the rice and the potato dishes. It just seems like there are hidden carbs everywhere :) I think they release carbs in the air just to mess with us.

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In general, avoid the naan, and look for things with vegetables. Indian can be very low carb, if you just *look* at it!

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Hi All,
I have not had Indian food since my diagnosis with diabetes. A friend is having a birthday dinner at the local Indian place. I am trying to figure out what's lower carb but still yummy.

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