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7/5/14 5:48 P

Has he been tested for food allergies?

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7/2/14 4:05 P

Back for a checkup today and the doctor did an x-ray, he's still constipated. He said the x-ray was "actually quite impressive". So, we're fighting him on magnesium citrate again. Last time Lemon, this time Cherry. Hopefully it will empty him out completely.

I've looked at Fiber Gummys but the fiber content seemed low, like 1.5 per gummy.

We've had a few changes as we've run out of foods but more tried to change what we encourage him to eat. Hopefully these changes will be enough once he's finally cleaned out.

PATTIMET Posts: 651
7/2/14 12:53 P

Good luck - it's not easy. My son had constipation issues then he would hold it because it hurt and ended up having accidents.

If you can switch to whole wheat bread - or I switched to Nature's Own white wheat - my son will avoid whole wheat - but he'll eat what he thinks is white bread. Whitewheat has added fiber and calcium. I also give him the vitamuffin tops for quick breakfasts or Ultimate Bagels - all are high fiber content. I use Badilla Plus pastas - all products with added fiber and calcium. I find natural foods aren't necessarily high in fiber, especially for kids when vegetables are not necessarily a favorite. When we have days that we are running around, on vacation or eating at other peoples homes, I keep a supply of fiber gummies on hand to help supplement. Also make sure that he's getting lots of water - the longer he is constipated the more water the intestine removes and the worse the problem gets.

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7/1/14 4:48 P

I ate a ton of apples as a kid since I didn't like veggies, that seemed to work for me. Today it's easier than it used to be with chia seeds, flax seed, and fiber enriched breads. I have gotten into wheat pasta recently since its higher in fiber and I really don't notice a difference especially in tomato rich sauces.

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6/30/14 12:34 P

You'll have gas when you increase fiber, no matter how you consume it (fiber one bar or through fruits and veggies). That's why it is suggested to increase the water consumption.

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6/30/14 12:29 P

GREAT TO HEAR he's doing better.

from what I found with fiber one bars or any "fiber" bar is that they taste ok, and have fiber in it, (not sure if it's a "true" fiber or processed type of fiber) and gives you GAS!

Not sure if you bake or not, but I have switched to whole grain WHITE flour. equal swap and doesn't taste like other whole wheat flour.

My kids at age 2 went to skim milk. It's just what we all drink. And mine really only have on cereal and MAYBE a couple times a month they drink a cup of it.


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6/29/14 2:34 A

Another thing to avoid is white rice.

Many of the berries that are currently in season are high in fiber--especially raspberries.

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6/28/14 6:38 P

Thanks everyone for the replies. He seemed to be doing much better, potty wise.

We've cut back his milk from whole milk every meal to 2% one meal a day.

We've added flaxseed meal to many foods. Also increased his MiraLax at the doctors recommendations.

Cut back on cheese and bananas.

He loves fruit a ton. Is ok with wheat bread.

I just had a FiberOne bar and he wanted a piece, ended up eating the entire thing. (cost: 45 cents a bar)

Doctor said to shoot for 7-10 grams per serving. I don't think we're doing that, but he's eating and doing quite well with the potty.

We go back to the doctor on Wednesday.

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6/28/14 6:22 P

How much fiber are 4 year olds supposed to get each day? Apples and pears are a great source of fiber (5 grams each). Lima beans are also a great source of fiber and protein. Other fruits that are high in fiber - blackberries and raspberries (8 grams each). Strawberries (3 grams of fiber), blueberries (4 grams of fiber).

Does he like oatmeal? Oatmeal has a good bit of fiber and some brands have more than others. You could also consider getting some of those Fiber One bars as a special treat (since they are on the expensive side).

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (10,482)
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6/28/14 1:12 P

What was a typical day's menu like for him before?

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6/28/14 11:15 A

couple more ideas..........raisins are also good. Mine likes flour tortilla spread some peanut butter on it, (can sprinkle whole ground flax meal) then raisins and roll it up.

I found these "funny face" dried cranberry packets. They have in goofy grape flavor, or strawberry and each pack is 7g of fiber. I LOVE them. For some reason my son doesn't. only 50 calories per pack.


6/16/14 9:34 P

when children help with pre of foods they will taste, also veggies in small bite sizes, use ranch dressing mix with plain greek yogurt (lighter calories), if they cook it the more likely they will taste it

JEREMY723 SparkPoints: (136,980)
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6/16/14 8:23 P

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. We'll try some of them. Right now he's on magnesium citrate per the doctor and boy is it emptying him out!

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ANARIE Posts: 12,978
6/16/14 8:17 P

Sunsweet now makes individually-wrapped prunes, which I thought was silly and wasteful for adults but which would very likely make it easier to get kids to eat them.

Also, most kids love baked beans and refried beans. Lentils are even higher in fiber, and before they're cooked they're attractive to look at and sort and play with. Get him involved in the food prep. If he has opened the package, poured them out, sorted them, washed them, etc, chances are very good that he'll eat them.

6/16/14 6:44 P

a lot of kids don't like prune juice, but they do like dried prunes and dried apricots.

KASTRA Posts: 369
6/16/14 2:07 P

My son had similar issues when he was smaller. The boy would not eat! We made changes that you've probably already got under control - changed to a higher fiber bread (sprout bread in frozen section when budget permits, else a whole grain or multigrain from bread aisle with highest fiber content when $ is tighter), swapped to whole grain pasta instead of more processed versions.

Veggie increase is tough at that age, but we got lucky and our kiddo prefers a lot of them over more normal kid snacks. One cup of baby carrots comes with just under 4g fiber, and if you pair it with 2 tbsp. of a chunky peanut butter, that's 2-3 more grams of fiber and gives him a treat to chomp on. Like a PP said, sprinkle some flax seed in pancake batter and other things your little bug will not notice. You can even sprinkle some in spaghetti sauce or other sauces without much notice. You can sneak some of the changes in without a battle. Others, you may just have to get tough with; we found forcing him to eat all meals at the table helped. Our little guy has other concerns, but he's easily distracted. If we let him snack in his play room or anywhere other than the table, still to this day, he'll let food sit for hours if he's not constantly reminded to take a bite. They just get so busy playing and thinking about playing.

A professional will be able to offer more ideas, and should be able to better-speak to specific tummy troubles your little fella is dealing with, but those are some minor changes we made that worked for us and our little man who was battling then-undiagnosed food allergies that were stopping up the works.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,415
6/16/14 1:20 P

I agree that a referral to an RD is your best bet. Here's an article you might also find helpful:

Coach Jen

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
6/16/14 12:48 P

Ditto the referral to a dietician. But as far as what kids might like: nice juicy fruit like nectarines or even canned apricots with the skin make a refreshing snack or dessert.

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6/16/14 12:40 P

my now 7 yo has same problems.
I have found to cut back on milk, yogurts, cheeses and bananas. He gets these for a treat once in a while.
Tons of water!
when he was super little we did use a little prune juice mixed his favorite juice worked.
I also add a pinch of "WHOLE GROUND FLAX MEAL" to a LOT of his foods. Like pinch sprinkled in his peanut butter sandwich, on his hamburger bun, in his pancakes, tomato soup....
Chia seeds are great to add to fruit smoothies. or just fruit slushes (I use crushed ice, with fruit and blend) great during summer!

Hope some of this helps.


PJJJSAGE Posts: 104
6/16/14 11:59 A

First of all, good luck. I've found kids are more adaptable than we give them credit for. So while something like prune juice gives adults the willies, if kids know it helps them, they'll accept it. My nephew had (and still does occasionally) constipation troubles, and he knows when it's time to tell mom to get more.

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6/16/14 11:06 A

I would recommend asking your doctor to refer you to a pediatric registered dietitian. If you have a children's hospital near you, you could contact them and ask for the clinical nutrition department.

JEREMY723 SparkPoints: (136,980)
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6/16/14 10:46 A

Doctor visit today for constipation and encopresis. Among other recommendations is to increase fiber intake, looking for foods with 7-10 grams of dietary fiber per serving.

Committed to trying, we also want to find food a 4.5 year old boy will eat.

Looking for any suggestions. Thanks!

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