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1/31/13 4:55 A

could you please post a link on the deadlift-speed connection? I am intrigued.

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1/31/13 4:38 A

Going back to the days when I was coached alongside runners across a range of distances - one of whom ended up in the Olympics - even made the final.

1] Pick your distance and stick to it.. If you want to run 5k fast then focus on that. There is a substantial differences in running 5k fast and running 10k fast.
2] Get your nutrition right. High protein - good amount of fibre.
3] Interval training/hill runs for training for running 400m upwards must be used sparingly (once a month).
4] Oddly - do deadlifts (it's about force /square inch exerted off the ground Look to increase you deadlift weight. Squats in this arena don't seem to be as effective. There is some research on this...
5] Run your chosen distance about once a week. Try the following
week 1 80% of best time
week 2 90 % of best time
week 3 95% of best time
week 4 105% of best time

Work in training between these runs - often gym based. Alter and log your training to bring about improvement - this is the tricky bit. The routine you do might fail but you need to know if they are failing then change them! It's as a consequence of careful monitoring that the squad I was in abandoned frequent use of hill climbing - for example.

6] Work on your gait. Altering the way you run is key. Lactate thresholds are pretty similar for many cardio based athletes - the difference is often how they run. Look of "Pose" running"

Also, for middle distance look at videos of top runners. Sebastian Coe was heralded as being a perfected middle distance runner. Watch him on youtube - look at how his head seems to "float" above the track.

So you really want to be a runner???

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1/31/13 3:46 A

I only started running last Sunday after just walking for 6 month. I did too much and have not been able to run since. Too fast and to long too soon, so take it easy and build up.

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1/31/13 2:52 A

there are several FREE running apps with programs to help you

Fartlek (all out sprint) runs helped me. I never had much problem with the endurance (granted I only run 5 or 6 miles at a time), but never could get the speed. I alternate long runs and Fartlek runs.

And if I planned a long run but I'm just not feeling it, I change my plan and do a Fartlek run.

I'll always be a slow runner, but my time has greatly improved since I started doing this.

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1/30/13 5:57 P

I agree with Zorbs; I took time off just by upping my weekly mileage. I found that after marathon training where I was getting up to close to 60 miles a week (not that I'm recommending that!) my daily easy runs got faster without even trying.

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1/30/13 2:06 P

To increase speed and stamina
- Interval training
- running in soft sand (not the hard packed sand of a surf)
- run up and down stairs (a bit more dangerous than a soft sandy beach ;-)
- run up hills without loosing your average pace - keep up the pace when you finish the hill for a good recovery time.

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1/30/13 6:35 A

Try intervals of running faster, or add some hills to your route.


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1/29/13 10:38 P

As a beginner, I believe the most underrated way to get faster is to run longer.

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1/29/13 10:27 P


What is your running history? How long have you been running? What distance are you talking about? What is your age? What is your current level of fitness?

Coach Nancy

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1/29/13 10:17 P

What is a good way to shave minutes off your run time versus seconds?

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