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1/23/12 11:41 P

That sounds good. The larger you are to begin with, the more inches you will lose and more quickly. It slows down as you get closer to goal. That sounds right to me and you might see some months with evem higher inches lost based on how hard the exercises was, how much strength training you are doing and...of course, nutrition, nutrition.

I am close to goal...roughly 20lbs away and in the last three weeks I lost about 3.09 inches overall. During a 3 month period doing a packaged DVD program..I lost 19 overall inches. So, yes...totally doable. You can and should only compare your measurements against your previous ones. I use a Myotape tape measure and take 35 measurements and pictures monthly. Keep track of it all and you will see amazing results. Nice to have a log to look back through.

Good luck!!

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1/23/12 11:39 P

I'd be very proud of those measurements! Everyone is different but I am thrilled for every .5 inch lost.

2 inches on my waist/hips area means a full size difference. So, a 1/2 inch means I'm getting closer to the new size!

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1/23/12 11:06 P


There is no standard to compare your results against. There are so many factors involved that would make it difficult to know what is too much and what is too little. Remember healthy living is a life sentence that we must be committed following for the rest of our lives. Keep up the awesome job!

Coach Nancy

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1/23/12 10:59 P

Just did my measurements for the month and was wondering if my inches lost is in an "ok" range. I lost 2.5 inches in the waist. 1 inch in the hips. 3 inches in the thighs and 1 inch in the arms. Now I am a larger girl so these may not be too drastic but it just seems like a lot for only 1 month and 5lbs weight loss. Often people talk about too much weight loss too rapidly but what about the inches. Is there "too much" too quickly?

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