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9/25/12 7:23 P

Listen to Dragonchilde. She is 100% right! If stillettos are now part of expected conference dress, I'm glad I'm retired. Oh, the damage they can cause.

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9/25/12 10:59 A

DO NOT exercise when you're in pain! Listen carefully to your body. You've clearly injured yourself, and exercising those muscle/tendons is a great way to exacerbate the injury and end up in the emergency room.

RICE the injury, and if it doesn't get better, go see a doctor. And for the love of pete, stop trying to do this fast and furious. :) A few days won't hurt your progress, and jumping in too soon can sideline you for WEEKS, when a little rest would have solved the problem.

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9/25/12 9:56 A

I went to a conference this weekend and had to dress up. I wore stilettos (never again) and danced and walked a ton of stairs. Now I am in incredible pain around my ankles (sharp, sharp pain). Should I avoid exercising my ankles and stick to my upper body or should I try to jump back into my normal circuit training? It is hard to even walk and I am limping, but I do want to get back into my normal routine as fast as possible.

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