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2/26/13 1:55 P

That is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!

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2/26/13 12:41 P

You could do squats in place of the jumping jacks if you're getting bored with marching in place. If you want to increase intensity of marching in place without any high impact (bounce), then do knee lifts. raise your knee is as high as your waist. If that's too high, then lift the knee as high as you feel comfortable. you don't have to go fast. take your time.

There are also modified jacks. You can see a demo here. Just use the arm movement and step side to side.

CHERRYLYNN18 SparkPoints: (586)
Fitness Minutes: (270)
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2/26/13 12:16 P

I had a lump removed from my breast back in August (all is well) and since then I cannot do jumping jacks or any form of bouncing up and down without causing serious pain. I want to complete some of my workout DVDs but a few of the exercises they put in there involve bouncing. While they complete this exercise I just walk in place until the next activity. Is there something you suggest to either lessen the pain or an activitiy to replace the bouncing?

Thank you.

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