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10/2/12 1:51 P

Here is Becky's (our registered dietitian) feedback about this type of diet when another member asked about it:

"With genetic testing...someday we will be able to look at your blood at birth and KNOW exactly what diet to prescribe. HOWEVER, we are not there yet. There are several versions of blood type diets. AND while they may not be dangerous or harmful---there is currently NO TRUTH to the recommendations."

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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10/2/12 12:54 P

Do you use Pinterest? That's where I find all of my recipes and I rarely even eat the same meal twice.

I am not familiar with the Blood Type Diet, what kinds of foods can you have (or not have)? I can give you some recipe ideas if I know what you can eat :)

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10/2/12 11:41 A

I think it's good that you're looking at options to follow a healthier diet, but I am wondering why you decided to follow the blood type diet. It has been subject to a lot of criticism on the grounds that the underlying theory has no scientific support, that it requires people to cut out a lot of nutritious foods from their diet (especially if they're type O or A), and that it is difficult to stick with (especially if other people around the table are different blood types).

Maybe Dietitian Becky or Spark Coach Jen could offer some insight on the risks of following this type of diet.

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10/2/12 11:28 A

this always happens to me too! Lately I have been cooking with quinoa...a high protien grain..I make it like oatmeal and my favorite is quinoa salad.....cook quinoa as usual ..rinse 1 c grains add to 1 and 1/2 water bring to boil cook 20 min..add a pinch of salt if you want. then cut up cucumbers and tomatoes or any veggies and marinade in a home made vinegarette..mustard, apple cider vinegar alittle evoo and any can serve it warm or cold and add ANY veggies or spices want to change it up. sometimes i even serve it on a bed of greens....I also make a lot of veggie burgers because you can add different things to keep it interesting....
A lot of great recipes on SP including a weekly menu planner you can drag and drop. Good Luck!

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10/2/12 6:44 A

Have you checked out SparkRecipes? There are tons of healthy recipes there that might give you some new ideas:

Coach Jen

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10/2/12 6:05 A

I'm in the process of transitioning to "The Blood Type Diet". Incorporating some of the foods suggested, and eliminating the ones from the bad food list. I am in a dilemna, because I am running out of ideas on new recipes. I LOVE to cook, and need the stimulation from great meals. How can I cook a great healthy meal, and keep it fresh. I get tired of eating the same old things....Help!

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