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1/27/13 4:33 P

Great ideas! Thanks guys!

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1/26/13 11:04 A

Those are all good ideas. I'm particularly fond of tins of sardines and hard-boiled eggs. Eggs are just about the perfect food.

While you can't get all your protein from seeds/nuts without going too high in terms of fat, a 1oz serving of, say, almonds, is great. And even better? Dried edamame -- a 30g serving is 140 calories and 14g of protein. Fat and carbs are low. Just stick 'em in a ziplock bag and munch.

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1/26/13 9:06 A

small items that require no refrigeration:

Tuna/salmon in cans or packet
Chicken pieces (in a ziplock for a couple hours)
String cheese
Chicken canned
Turkey spam packets

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1/26/13 6:50 A

How about carring an insulated lunch bag...throw in a couple of ice cubes in a little plastic container if keep you veggie cool and crisp...or A turkey sandwich with low fat cheese, tomato and lettuce can be an excellent lunch. Low-fat dairy products are also excellent sources of protein..cottage cheese and flaxseeds...or Sesame seeds that are high in nutrition...It is said that a handful of sesame seeds contains more calcium than what a glass of milk contains....or Hemp Seeds which greatly exceed most energy bars for energy and provides energy in a better form - not sugar and saturated fats

Pumpkin seeds are especially high in protein, low in calories and fat or try
They have a nutty flavor and a touch of pumpkin's sweetness. They are high in phosphorous and are a good source of magnesium and zinc, iron and copper. 1 Ounce has 8 Grams of protein making them a smart snack or salad addition. Pepitas are already shelled.

A med size hard boiled egg...74 calories and great protein.
Fage 0% plain Yogurt has protein.

Pistachios They lower cholesterol and blood pressure, help to reduce stress, breakdown proteins from meats into amino acids. They also help create a sense of fullness. 28 pistachios can do the trick.

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1/25/13 9:59 P

I am a busy full-time student with a part-time job. I have several intense PE classes and am looking for a good protien lunch/snack I can carry with me. I currently eat the Zone perfect bars, and those help, but they don't last long. I'm constantly on the move and don't want to carry big heavy lunches. I have access to a microwave but no access to a fridge during the day. I prefer my fruits and veggies cold, and don't care to eat them when they're warm. Any suggestions?

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