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I would like to encourage you. I started at 325 pounds and I lost weight to 308, then my computer crashed and I was without for about five months. Then I got a new computer and I had gained a little back so I was 314 but I have been doing this for about three months again and I am losing again. I am 292 and I am going down. I suggest that you drink a glass of water about five minutes before you eat. Try to make sure you have enough vitamin D and I have to stick with about 1200 to 1400 calories a day or I don't lose. Just keep going and experiment with calories until you find the right amount for you. I don't remember which diet plan you're on, but I am on the diabetes plan because it helps to keep your blood sugar stable.
Good luck, keep it up, You can do it!

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Hello Numa, First emoticon on the 8 lbs!! You did not say what kind of ex. you are doing I know you should change things up, not only do you get bored but your Muscles get used to the same ex. I went to your Sp Page and you are Beautiful in that Dress. and all I can say is WOW!! Working a fulltime Job and a part time job. So just keep on keeping on, and remember when it comes off slow you are more apt to keep it off!! Good Luck!!
So here's a emoticon for motivation ;o)

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Hi all,

I am on C1D16 and have lost 8 pounds. I'm excited about the loss but I haven't lost anything additional in the last 4 days. I'm also getting tempted to just stop because I'm getting bored with it yet I want to get this weight off and for good. I actually have 2-3 people watching to see how I do which honestly is one of the big reasons why I haven't given up just yet. I was on SparkPeople a long time ago and then came back on today as I know this can be a great support system here. My goal is to lose another 30 pounds.

Has anyone lost 40-45 pounds on this diet? If so, how many times did you have to cycle back through?

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