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2/27/13 12:16 P


It's only been a day and I feel better already! We've got this! We're going to beat this funk!

2/26/13 7:52 P

I wouldn't call myself real consistent either. Wait...wait a minute. I just noticed how much like *perfect* "consistent" sounds when I put it through the Charlie Brown Teacher Voiced Self-Downer! I'm going to try again, just to make sure.... yup...mwon-nah...mwon-nah-nah.

OK, so I don't meet each and every one of my FastBreakGoals each and everyday. I'm still stringing more of those 3 bits together more and more through the weeks, 8 now. And I'm going to keep doing it. I want to live my new Sparking way. Drinking my water. Moving. Measuring/ recording food. Checking w/ my teams, challenging and supporting each other. I can beat myself up or I can give myself credit for what I am doing. I love coming here and checking in. I'm realizing I am competitive and can make that work for me. I want to rack up points :) I am so grateful Spark People is here. I get funky too but when I keep hanging out here, it seems to lift sooner. Keep hanging out,KAT10231 it'll get to you too emoticon

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2/26/13 6:58 P

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and encouragement, I really appreciate it!!

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2/26/13 6:58 P

I have one friend who wants to work out with me but is so inconsistent its not worth it.

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2/26/13 6:56 P

Deal!! I feel like today I finally had an AH HA moment and was like I need to change this. I did a 20 minute ballet work out. I just gotta keep the momentum going daily lol. I am up for the challenge if you are!!

2/26/13 11:15 A

Oh! I understand! A lack of money, my life being super busy, and TOM coming for a visit has got me in a funk as well. I have made a deal with myself that if I just slog through, doing the minimum required to make progress, then on pay day I will buy myself a treat (most likely some walking shoes that actually support my feet).

We can get through this! A week from now, I bet we'll feel completely different. Just hold on. Slog through with me!

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2/25/13 9:13 P

If you're wanting to build consistency, start small. Pick a couple of little things and then do them each and every day. Once they become a habit, pick a few more. I actually find that small bits of consistency make a BIG difference.

Good luck!

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2/25/13 9:04 P

I use many things. I look up recipes on the net. I call and chat at a friend. I use sparks. I go for a nice long walk. I also blog about how I am feeling.

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
2/25/13 8:17 P

Do you have any friends who are into fitness? I find being around people who value fitness and healthy living to be incredibly motivating. That's why I'm regularly on this site.

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2/25/13 7:15 P

I know you say lack of money has been part of the loss of motivation, but sometimes I find that buying myself a new fitness item - no matter how small - helps get me motivated again. Even something as silly as $4 worth of headbands to keep the hair out of my eyes.

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2/25/13 7:11 P

Hey everyone. I have been not keeping up with this site for awhile, but I am down 16lbs which is so great. The past couple of weeks, I have been in a funk....partly due to lack of money and the other part is my weight and diet. I know I can lose more, but I am having trouble being consistent and really getting to it...motivation I guess. Anyone have any ideas or tips on how you keep motivated when you are feeling anything less than that??

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