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12/9/13 8:44 P

You know, it's all well and good to consider ... but I've been around and back. Different ethnicities and socioeconomic groups study differently. Not EVERYONE is suitable for a S.T.E.M. career ... (I tend to think of the push for S.T.E.M. careers as this era's answer to the IGY imperative of the '50s and '60s - that acronym stands for the International Geophysical Year - it had been back in the day when the USSR had been gaining on the United States in the Space Race ...)

So, back in the day, us not-so-well-heeled public school students were put into what was known as the "Accelerated Track" and we DID do a lot of homework.

They STILL got better educated out in the suburbs, with LESS homework.

It boils down, at that education level, to the quality of the teachers the districts respectively attract ...

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12/9/13 5:30 P

SUZIEQUE77 you may be right, homework may not be a measure of anything, but Grade school training should prepare a child for good study habits, social conduct and it should lay the foundation for thinking skills. Kids zone out in class. Homework teaches kids a bit of responsibility and gives them a chance to see if they really understand what was taught in class. Assignments to review the subject with a few spot questions seems like a good way to see if a kid understands what was taught. In my schools, the following class began with a quick review of the problems with sessions for any questions. I don't see a problem with that

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12/9/13 3:24 P

I do not think the number of hours a kid has for homework is a measure of anything. Ideally, I believe most school work should be done in school, where a teacher is available to answer questions when the student gets stuck or has questions.

I believe that often times homework is "busy work" that the teacher may not even get time to look at, let alone really assess and give feedback. As a kid, I only did my homework when I knew it would be graded, if I did not get time to get it done in school. Sometimes, I did study for exams at home though.

I am very skeptical about those so-called tests that rate students so low in the USA. For one thing, many of them compare 4th and 8th grades, and say USA does poorly in those comparisons, but does better in comparisons of 12th grade.

If we are looking at preparing students for college or life after high school, isn't the place they are at the time of high school graduation far more relevant than where they are at in 4th and 8th grade?

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12/8/13 11:21 P

I'm not a education professional but to me it seems that we lower our standards to make sure that no child is left behind. I see a big gap between the haves and the have nots with all of the Learning Centers scattered about, the technology, the online resources for those who can afford it...and the kids from poor families who can't afford it. I've had kids in my family that consistently came home with less than 30 minutes worth of homework and I wonder why. I hope that kids are learning how to think thru problem solving instead of using aps...but I don't know.

We would like to think that kids can enjoy that time in their lives, but we live in a global society and they will compete with the TigerMom's kids who have been trained from their early years that knowledge is power

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12/8/13 10:03 P

Glad to hear from our neighbors to the North!

Isn't the Canadian school system a little more advanced than ours?

I mean, really ... I'm not living under a rock! Just living south of Canada!

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12/8/13 9:09 P

I do believe the British are our cousins.....We used to be ruled by them until they set us free!

Go Canadian kids go!

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12/8/13 8:26 P

Of couse, our kids are as smart or smarter than kids from other countries!!!!

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12/8/13 9:25 A

I was raised primarily by an unambitious, troubled but a Dolphin Dad, decades before they were cool ... I've kept out of jail, never become addicted to illegal drugs, and am currently gainfully employed at age 59 ... though no kids .... my mother was busy supporting the family; had been a Tiger Mother-wannabe but she ran out of steam after my brother ... academically, I have degrees enough for six people!!!! (that I'm not utilizing ...)

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12/8/13 8:45 A

Don't write our American children off, and those identifying with pushy "Tiger Moms" and the more laid-back "Swedish Moms" and happy-go-lucky "Dolphin Dads", take note:

South Korea seems to get great math students spending at a bargain price per student. But the US has to have wealthy districts (defined as those in which fewer than 10 percent of children qualify for subsidized lunches) to best in science, second only to Shanghai.

U.S. kids get to sit at the cool, smart kids' table, in the end (and their British cousins could think to join in, too):

"In science, the U.S. scored the same as Italy, Latvia and Portugal (and ahead of Russia). U.S. students did the best in reading, ranking 17th in the world and on a par with students in the U.K., France and Austria."

For more:

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