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9/17/13 9:42 P

stretch bands..........indoor bike....weight bench with a preachers bench...lots of dumb bells and barbells.......also a curl mine.

9/17/13 2:30 P

TRX for sure. You can get a less expensive brand that gets good reviews on amazon.

9/17/13 1:27 P

Go to Harbor Freight and pick up some interlocking rubber floor mats sufficient to cover your workout area. Then get free weights to include barbell with weight plates, adjustable dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, some form of suspension trainer (think TRX but cheaper) and an adjustable length swivel handle jump rope for cardio. Some form of sturdy bench for weight work. If you can find one on Craigslist for a good price a Total Trainer or Total Gym is a nice to have not need to have piece of equipment.

Things not needed are a dreadmill or elliptical, rowing machine or any form of weight training machine such as a Soloflex or Bowflex.

It is called WORK-ing out for a reason.

I said getting fit was simple, I did not say it was easy.

Cardio burns calories, strength work burns fat.

Eat well to lose weight, exercise to get fit

You can not build a six pack using twelve packs

Often when we seek a magic bullet for fitness we end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

"I think calories are little germs in food that all moms are afraid of" Dennis the Menace

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9/17/13 1:14 P

squat rack/power cage (with barbell/plates obviously), adjustable dumbbells/kettlebells, bench, pullup bar, treadmill.

rubber floor so I could deadlift and dump the barbell on the floor, o-lift style.

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9/17/13 12:48 P

Hello sparkies!

So i recently purchased a home and have a spare bedroom I am making into my home gym. I have some equipment and would like to get more eventually.

If could have your dream in home gym what would you have in it? What would you have on the walls? Any ideas that want to include for equipment, decor, motivation boards etc are truly appreciated!

I feel very blessed and fortunate to have the space for a gym in my home. I truly want to make the best of it and enjoy the space.


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