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12/11/12 4:09 P

I do Chi running, Chi Walking, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Bagua. Each of these focus moving from the core, on making movement a mindful practice. I focus several times a day deliberately, and qutie often unconsciously on alignment and movement from centre.

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12/11/12 12:40 P

Sedentary life style causes massive muscle loss by the time people get to their middle age. One side effect is posture problems, because weak muscles can't carry the body properly.

The solution is easy: Lift heavy weights. Once lifting heavy regularly for some time, sitting or standing properly or managing one's body during everyday life becomes trivial.

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12/11/12 10:45 A

My physical therapist said that those in the profession preach good posture to 95% of their patients. Most people have some back pain. Some of it could be relieved with proper posture. My PT recommended Pilates to strengthen my core to help with my poor posture. It works!

So folks, add pilates to your workout list, then stand and sit at the computer and elsewhere with your ears over your shoulders which need to be over your hips.

Thanks, too for the suggestion of the Alexander Technique! Will take a look at it!

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12/11/12 10:27 A

If anyone hasn't heard of the Alexander Technique, try Free tips weekly, and no more back spasms for me!!

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