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CILER11 Posts: 265
4/1/13 10:14 A

We are fostering a dog from a local animal shelter and yesterday while we were taking him out he decided to slip his collar. It took eight people to catch him (he's really fast and apparently LOVES to run). It was one of the days my hubby had scheduled to run, and needless to say after the chase he didn't need to run. :) We now also plan to run him daily as he seems to love it so.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/1/13 9:25 A

it's not a kitty story, but I was helping take care of my neighbors dog. She is a yoga instructor and needed to go to a week long seminar. Normally i don't do yoga, but I do like to stretch after a workout.
As I was stretching the dog came into the room. She did the downward dog and the child's pose. Suddenly she began barking at me. she nudged one of my legs with her nose. when i moved the leg to the position she wanted, she licked my face and went back into position. Guess her owner taught her the proper stance.
When I mentioned it to my friend, she laughed and said I should have warned you.

4/1/13 7:20 A

My cats like to get in my path when I do this so I end up having to jump over them! They follow me but I swear it's more to get in front of me and keep me on my toes. I have one that loves to play with a round bell with a ball so I have to be on the lookout for that.

I love to jog around the house those when I do housework. It feels like I am getting more out of it.

HUNNA13 Posts: 180
3/31/13 7:47 P

Aww what a fun thread. I have 2 cats, one of which is a certified therapy cat, and he is the one who will curl up on my chest if I am doing crunches, or lay on my back as I am planking/doing push ups. :)

LORIVIOLA SparkPoints: (142,927)
Fitness Minutes: (73,169)
Posts: 1,461
3/30/13 7:56 P

love this.
how fun.
we have 4 cats. sometimes they are active, but i cannot imagine them running through the house with me. one will follow me around the MILE loop if i dont see him soon enough and put him inside....
so funny.

thanks for sharing.

BUNNYVUNE Posts: 110
3/30/13 10:43 A

It wouldn't be a stretching session without Moo in my lap. It wouldn't be life without Moo in my lap, with her hand awkwardly resting on mine as I try to type!

WAYCAT Posts: 1,009
3/30/13 2:20 A

I don't have a kitty but really love them - grew up with them as a child, but an allergic son means I can't have any furry animals in the house.

I well remember playing with my cats as a child, pulling balls of string or wall for them to chase.

This thread has brought back some happy memories and made me smile! emoticon

JMOUSE99 SparkPoints: (189,927)
Fitness Minutes: (97,474)
Posts: 6,223
3/29/13 9:30 P

One of my cats loves it when I run around the house dragging a ribbon behind me. I'm almost sorry I started it because she is always bugging me to "play ribbon!"

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
Fitness Minutes: (69,867)
Posts: 3,526
3/29/13 9:07 P

I also exercise with my cat. A lot of the time, I will do body weight exercises in my hallway... planks, squats, push ups, lunges and crunches. When I lay on the floor, my cat Leroy licks my face.

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (261,740)
Fitness Minutes: (99,861)
Posts: 11,512
3/29/13 9:02 P

OMG!!! I have THREE kitties. This has never happened with us before, but I'm telling you, this story is inspiring!!! Well done!!!

I can totally see this happening in the future because it sounds like such fun.

I HAVE been known to do a kind of "stairs" workout, basically walking/running up and down stairs and through the house as a break in-between steps.

Thanks for sharing a fun story about you and Gus ...

Another Cat Lover

YOGA_KITTY SparkPoints: (6,326)
Fitness Minutes: (4,175)
Posts: 195
3/29/13 8:22 P

So this evening I was sitting on the couch, bummed about having to work at 7:30 am tomorrow and fighting the urge to raid the fridge for comfort. I knew that part of my problem was that I hadn't got in any exercise today, but I didn't feel like going to the gym or even going out for a walk.

Anyway, out of desperation to keep away from food, I started jogging in place in front of the tv. Then I started jogging around the house, in and out of the bedrooms, around the dining table, living room kitchen, family room, basement and back up again. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye my cat Gus stalking me. I ran a little faster and he chased me. We spent the next 30 minutes or so chasing each other around the house. If any of my neighbors saw me thru the windows, I'm sure they thought I've lost my mind!

Gus and I are now pleasantly tired and sweaty (well, I don't think he's sweaty, but I am), and my urge to graze is gone.

Anyone else have any non-traditional ways of exercising that just happen on the spur of the moment?

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