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12/1/11 3:55 A

I agree with you. This week i had a trainer at the gym come up to me and say " I haven't really seen a difference in your body ! You HAVE to consider taking a personal trainer ! i will help you lose the weight fast .. " I have been working out for the past 3 months VERY regularly and this is the first time the guy comes up to me to tell me i am not losing weight. NEVER has he helped me through a workout, never has he corrected my form, and he has not even TAKEN NOTICE of me in the past 3 months. And now he SEES no difference?

Most of the trainers I have come across look just to sign up a new client. I was obese when i joined the gym and the trainer assigned to me took me to be a novice. I've been losing weight for years and certainly was not new to any gym equipment and any exercise. He promptly told me I'd have to take personal training or " I wouldnt stay motivated for more than 2 months".

While I do need to lose weight, I am not on this journey ONLY to shed the pounds. I have gained SO MUCH strength since I started ! My stamina and endurance is WAY UP! I can run faster and for a longer duration, I lift heavier weights, I have lost Inches and 9 kgs.

I really felt insulted when the trainer came up to me and assumed i had made no progress and tried to sell the "lose more weight fast" formula.
And this coming from a guy who wont even correct his client's wrong form while doing lunges.


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11/27/11 10:51 A

I used to be a physical therapist assistant. Watching personal trainers at the gym was always a nightmare for me. From what I saw, at the gyms I've been to since becoming a PTA, is that most personal trainers are more harmful than good. If you don't know a thing about exercise, I would research proper form online and, if you feel you need a personal trainer, take everything they say with a grain of salt until you can prove them correct.

The main motivation for a personal trainer to come up to a random person, working out at the gym, is to get a new client. They will say anything to "correct" your form. I had them "correct" my form once at Gold's Gym. I knew, from my 2 years of PTA training, that he was wrong and as soon as he walked away I readjusted the machine back to the way I had it. The way he had adjusted it was just asking for a knee injury.

I'm not saying all personal trainers are bad just, from my experience, most are. I'm also not saying that you didn't have a trainer come help you out of the goodness of his heart. I am saying most likely he was hoping for a new customer.

Sorry if this sounds harsh. I just have a really strong opinion about this.

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11/27/11 8:37 A

There are many, many trainers out there who do not bother to correct their client's form at all.

Although, I do agree, most people are pretty defensive about their form..they think the way they're doing an exercise is absolutely 100% right when in my estimation at least 90% of people perform exercises incorrectly.

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11/27/11 1:33 A

It's always nice to be able to have someone show you how to do the moves and check your form. But it's also very possible that you can have someone helping you who isn't qualified enough to be helping you. So it's also important that you do your homework about the types of certifications out there.

Also, taking a little bit of time to do a little research into how the body works (physiology, biochemistry, etc) can go a long ways to help with your form and figuring out what exercises will be best for your goals.

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11/27/11 1:11 A

I just wanted to share my experience what happened to my this week, another eyes opening situation at the gym. I have been going to body pump classes quite a lot and also been working out at the gym. I always look at the mirror to make sure that I do moves correctly. Anyway, this week one of the personal trainers came to me while I was doing squats and told me that my position is still slightly incorrect. it was so hard to see that in mirror by myself, I checked my knees and back, but apparently it wasn't exactly right. He spent few minutes with me and I learnt how to do it 100% correctly. And the result was, it got much harder! I was so pleased that he helped me, otherwise I would have continue doing it slightly wrong and not even truly gaining any strenght. I decided to have a professional person to look at my every single movement to make sure I will never ever do anything wrong. To all my Sparkfriends, get somebody check your moves even when they are relatively easy, I was one of those "I know how this works, I have seen the exercise video" ;-)

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