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1/20/12 5:57 A

My mom had knee surgery on both knees. It was the best thing she ever did. She went from barely able to walk and having to use a cane to being able to keep up with our crazy family. Work at the recovery and it will more than pay for itself. You will be very happy I'm betting.

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1/20/12 2:38 A

Good luck! hope everything goes well.

1/19/12 9:45 P

Hi there. Good luck on your surgery, take the time you need for recovery.

I am also waiting for surgery but for gallbladder removal. I have stopped working out because it causes my gallbladder to become inflamed. Going to try my elliptical as the school I work at as started waking training.

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1/19/12 8:46 A

I have a tear in my knee, but am hoping it will not be too long after the surgery Jan 27 that I can sit and lift light weights and watch my much downtime. but at least I am going to have the mindset when I can get clearance....and I won't be eating so

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