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4/22/13 11:41 P

I agree with the commenter who said that you're probably feeling the effects of cutting out any processed foods you may have been eating; also, you're probably eating a lot fewer carbs. That can make you shaky for a few days.

As for your hunger, how about adding in a couple of big salads or other vegetables? I usually have a huge salad at lunch (mixed greens, shredded cabbage, celery, any leftover cooked vegetables I may have in the fridge) topped with a few ounces of chicken or cottage cheese and find it really filling for hardly any calories.

Good luck!

4/22/13 6:19 P

In your diet I do not see any good fats like nuts, olive oil, avocado etc... I know these are calories dense but a little goes a long way and you will feel fuller longer. Plus not only they are good for you they are delicious.
I would ditch the flavored yogurt and get plain and add your own fruit with a little honey. The cous cous could be swapped out for a whole grain like quinoa. Also swap the chicken legs for chicken breast. You can eat more of it because the breast is lower in fat.
Next time you have an apple cut it up and dip it in a little peanut butter. Thats a powerhouse of a snack that will satisfy you.

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4/22/13 5:39 P

Give it a few days, up to a week. Your body might just be going through "shock" right now at not getting the amount of/kinds of (possibly junk) food it normally does. Kind of like how people become miserable the first few days they reduce sugar out of their diet or go on a juice kick but then begin to feel amazing (note: Just a comparison. I am not endorsing any type of fast).

This usually happens to me the first day, two, or three when I get back on the wagon after a binge on junk food. If you're still feeling dizzy after a few days, then add more calories. Also, make sure you are measuring and weighing what you report you're eating. It's possible you might be really underestimating your serving sizes.

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4/22/13 5:32 P

Yoga can be considered cardio... barely. LOL. It's in the cardio tracker if you search for it.

If you're hungry, I would definitely go UP in your range! Are you weighing and measuring everything, or eyeballing it? Most people tend to underestimate what t hey're eating when they eyeball it, but I wonder if you might be having the opposite problem.

Use your range. Don't be afraid to go UP if you're hungry. You're given a range, use it! I can't function on less than 1500 calories myself. Even though my range is from 1400-1700, if I go below 1500, I'm miserable. So use that range!

4/22/13 4:55 P

Hi! Thanks for the quick response. On SP it says my calorie range should be between 1340-1690 (w/out exercise). What I listed below comes to 1351 according to the SP tracker, so right on target for not working out since I started tracking.

Thanks for the article. It had been a few months of working out when I stepped on the scale and saw the gain...good to know Im probably almost over the hump.

Also, thanks for the tip...just went in and added my exercise goals so it increased my calories to 1,380 - 1,730.

Is yoga/pilates tracked under strength training?

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4/22/13 4:44 P

Okay, looking at that amount of food, no wonder you're shaky, dizzy, and grouchy. That doesn't look like it's enough to support anyone who is sedentary, much less doing exercise like you are. What is the calorie total for all of that? It doesn't even look like 1,000 calories, much less the 1200 calories you should be getting at an absolute minimum.

You are hungry because you aren't meeting your body's basic nutritional needs. Are you tracking here on SP? What's your calorie range, and what's your current actual calorie intake for the day? Have you properly accounted for the amount of exercise you're doing?

As for your weight gain, it's very common to see a weight gain when you increase your exercise, and here's why:

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4/22/13 4:40 P

Hi there...I'm new to the site and already needing some encouragement emoticon I've had a quick metabolism and been very tiny most of my life. Around age 28, things started catching up, by 34 I was average weight and not loving it. I've always eaten what I wanted, but I just didn't eat a lot. Id always have leftovers while my friends finished their plates and I thought that was the trick. That being said, I ate whatever I wanted but not too much...I thought.

This year I went in for my yearly physical and was unhappy about my weight, so I joined a yoga studio. I started doing classes of TRX, yoga and pilates, an hour class at a time where I came out dripping in sweat and I did that 3-5/week and usually a hike on wknds. I went for a doctor follow up a few months later and had gained weight!! I couldn't believe it and I was very frustrated. My husband says he can see a difference in how I look but I'm really not (perhaps it was seeing the numbers on the scale, but now I feel like I look heavier).

This week I decided to try monitoring what I eat. Spark gave me a range to "maintain" my weight. I've been doing it for three days and it's REALLY tough. My hands are literally shaking when I'm lifting the fork to eat and I still feel hungry after, I'm short tempered and very tired. My tummy literally growls. I never realized how careful you have to be to fall in caloric range. Does this get easier? Are these feelings just here maybe b/c I'm eating less carbs or prepackaged food? Every day my reports look good, except it says I need to increase my fats slightly.

My typical days looks like this...
Prepackaged oatmeal w/ 1tbl chia seeds added
organic coffee, black
10 organic baby carrots
5 oz black beans, 5 oz (cooked) Israeli couscous, 6 oz frozen broccoli
organic apple
2 skinless baked chicken legs w/ hot sauce, 6oz sweet potato (frozen)
Oikos flavored greek yogurt
4 cups herbal tea throughout the day

I've only been able to do a short uphill 1 mi walk so far and can't imagine having to work out in a class and then not coming back and binging b/c I'm so hungry. I think Id probably fall over in yoga b/c I wouldn't be able to keep my balance.

Any suggestions or am I doing things right and it will get easier?


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