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Im having a hard time eating all my calories/meals

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4/13/13 12:17 P

even though i don't have diabetes, the diabetes food tracker is a great help for balancing macronutrients during the day. as my meals have become more balanced, i've felt much more satisfied from less food. overeating dinner was a huge problem of mine; now, i usually have food for leftovers. give it a whirl.

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4/13/13 12:13 P

my cal range is set at 1000-1200 and actually i modified it lower than suggested cause i was having a hard time even hitting 1000...i think SP suggested 1200-1500 for me to lose weight....i think i did pretty well yesterday i have been making my own recipes on my SP tracker to make sure my dinner portions are better and really track the cals im cooking with, i actually ate lunch yesterday it was a pb and j sandwich but as healthy as i could get with organic preserves and whole wheat bread...i love nuts too which is one reason i dont eat them as often, i could go thru a whole bag of peanuts cashews and almonds with out even realizing it. I ate raisins with my kids yesterday, one little boxs have 130 cal biggest sacrifice was cutting out soda and sweets, i could eat a cake to myself and drink a case of coke like no ones business..its been 6 wks since i have had either aside from one day which was my oldests bday and i did have cake, but i worked my butt off that evening to try and burn off some of those cals

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4/13/13 11:49 A

I'm also a fan of nuts; I count out my almonds to make sure that I'm only getting the number of calories that I want to consume.

Another favorite snack is to slice a banana or put some berries in some Greek yogurt. It's surprisingly satisfying and filling.

Finally, SparkPeople has some good articles available about ideas for snacks that have a certain number of calories. Hopefully the variety of ideas there will help! Good luck, and keep sparking!

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4/13/13 8:31 A

What's your current calorie range, and how much are you eating?

Sparkpeople has a great article on how to boost your calories:

Make sure you're skipping the "diet" options; no low-fat, low calorie stuff. CAlorie dense things like avocado and nut butters are a great way to get calories, protein, and other nutrients without a lot of bulk.

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4/12/13 9:25 P

I know exactly how you feel. This Sunday is 2 weeks since I started Spark. My biggest hurdle has been trying to eat 3 times a day and to meet my calories. After turning 40, my body started changing and I could no longer drop the weight. I'm not a breakfast eater and hadn't been since I was in junior high (11-12 yrs. old; I am now 56). Also, eating lunch was a hit or miss thing because of the type of jobs I had. I would eat something at dinner, but never to the point of eating so much I got sick. I always thought that you should eat when you are hungry, but I never felt hungry. I started to track my calorie intake and was shocked that many days I only hit around 500-600.

It doesn't matter whether you overeat or undereat, the result is the same - having poor nutrition and weight issues.

What brought me to Spark is that I quit smoking about 10 weeks ago, and I put on 12 lbs. Combined with the 4 lbs I had gained over the holidays; I again went over the 200 mark! I decided that enough was enough. I am on a journey to becoming healthy, and am so glad that I found Spark!

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4/12/13 5:16 P

" I know our bodies go into starvation mode when we dont eat right and i honestly think thats why i am the weight i am. I dont eat hardly anything during the day but eat to sickness for dinner"....

Well, the "starvation mode" thing is not so much about "not eating RIGHT" - it's about "not eating, period." When you go way under your daily calorie range, your body (sensing a fast), slows down its metabolism, you still LOSE weight, just, a WHOLE lot more slowly than one would expect, given the small amount of calories going in, with undesirable effects on your metabolism and overall nutrition thrown in for good measure. That's why Spark suggests that people should NOT set out to eat less than 1200 calories/day - you deprive yourself of the fuel you need to keep your metabolism running, you don't get enough protein/iron/calcium/vitamins/etc, and it doesn't really help take the weight off significantly faster, anyways!

But I do not think this is the situation for you. It sounds like you ARE eating - you just aren't spacing it out throughout the day. "Eating to sickness" during dinner - how many calories are you eating at dinnertime? And WHY are you eating to this point? Is it because you are ravenously hungry, having eaten little-to-nothing all day long, so by the time dinner comes...? See, this isn't starvation mode. It's more like "bingeing" - you don't eat, don't eat, don't eat, don't eat, and then the eating opportunity (dinner) comes along, and you eat like crazy. Been there, done that!!!!!

So why are you mindfully NOT grazing? Why not graze - on some healthy foods? Not everyone likes to sit down for a "meal" at breakfast or lunch - plenty of people prefer to have a little bite now, a little snack later, "mini-meals" throughout the day. That's perfectly OK to do! And will help keep you from being crazy-stuff-yourself-to-sickness-hungry when dinner rolls around. It would be a lot better than trying to plan a whole "meal" that you don't really want anyways, and end up taking from a fast-food place!

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4/12/13 5:01 P

In addition to the nuts, dried fruit might be another good option for a snack. Most of it has a decent amount of calories for not very much bulk. I know I LOOOOVE raisins, but I really have to watch it with them because of their calorie amounts.

Also I looked at your tracker, I'd swap out the light yogurt for a flavored full fat greek yogurt. Same amount of food, but you'll get more calories (and protein since greek yogurt is higher in protein).

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4/12/13 4:44 P

Why don't you try adding in a small handful of nuts once or twice a day. They provide HEALTHY fat, protein, fiber, are portable and easy. Just be careful because they do have quite a few calories. From your description, a couple of ounces per day might help. Try that and make sure to log your food so you can see where you are on your fat percentages.

Hope this helps! It's always what I recommend when people are asking for ideas to meet their calorie requirements.

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4/12/13 4:40 P

Ive never been a big meal eater aside from dinner, im kind of a grazer and since i replace all junk in this house for fruits veggies and low cal/carb snacks ive mindfully not been grazing as much trying to eat my daily cal intake. I know our bodies go into starvation mode when we dont eat right and i honestly think thats why i am the weight i am. I dont eat hardly anything during the day but eat to sickness for dinner, almost always homemade.. I have been trying like crazy to eat during the day but im having a hard time. The last few days have been fast food days due to hectic schedules and kids sports games, although ive tried to find the healthier solutions, still havent hardly hit im intake even with that. I need help. I have 3 kids babysit another throughout the day so i make a lot of kid friendly and family meals, i shop in bulk for budget and family reasons, paying attention to healthier choices of course. Any help is appreciated

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