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8/20/14 2:55 P

I am in the same place. . . I have been gone for a while also, like a couple of years and gained 50 lbs. I came back about 2 weeks ago I have tracked each day and that keeps me accountable & motivated. The meal plan has suggestions, but I have modified that to meet my needs, since I am now per-diabetic my carb count is a little lower than the suggested. It works since you have to go on to your tracker a few times a day. I track EVERYTHING I put in my mouth. Result is a 10 lbs in 2 weeks. emoticon emoticon

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8/20/14 1:38 P

This emotional eating is relatively new to me. Has come on in The last few years. I will certainly try your suggestions. Thank you.

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8/20/14 9:36 A

You're not alone, I've done a lot of emotional eating and have learned, little by little more about myself during this journey. Check out the many articles and groups for emotional eating. I find that what helps best for me is to brush my teeth immediately after a meal, then leave and do something else, somewhere else. eg. a walk, yoga, shower, manicure, shopping, visiting friends, journal, Sparkpeople, anything but remaining near the kitchen or thinking about food.

JOOLS7 Posts: 388
8/20/14 9:32 A

Hello and a big warm emoticon !!

I talk back to the lil voices and talk myself right out of it.

I'm tired of being fat.

Add me as a friend if you'd like, Jeninne.


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8/20/14 8:31 A


Temptation is a biggie for everyone! All the ideas given are good. A few things I will add is NEVER give up no matter how many times you stumble. I stumbled a LOT before I finally got down over 100 pounds. I still stumble! The key is not to remain in our "detours" but get up and get back on the road to "Health & Fitness".

Remember that temptation is a mental thing. Keep your mind busy and look for healthy diversions!

You can do it!


WINACHST Posts: 1,704
8/20/14 8:12 A

I struggle with emotional eating also and I wish I could say that I found the solution. But I do recognize that I have a problem and I need to come up with a plan to help me deal with the issues that cause me to want to eat. I am finding that the more whole foods I eat that are minimally processed the less I enjoy eating the wrong foods.

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8/20/14 7:14 A


I agree with MYTURNNOW2013. I usually drink a large glass of water to help me determine if it is hunger or emotional. I find I'm usually tempted when I'm bored. So I have non-food goals to accomplish each day - like clean out a closet, take a walk around the block, etc.

FOCUSONME57 Posts: 5,466
8/20/14 6:23 A

emoticon I try to determine if it is hunger or emotional cravings. Have an emergency kit of things to do instead of eating like pet a cat, scream, hug a pillow, take a walk....

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8/20/14 12:44 A

Started this program 6 months ago and really have not worked at it much. Now I've gained another 10 pounds. Im looking to food for comfort I guess now that I'm semi-retired and really beginning to hate myself.

What do others do for strength when temptations (little voices) tell you it's okay to have more than you need?

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