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11/14/12 10:51 P

I actually drank a LOT of water while at school (like about 4 litres just during school hours) but went off of it when I went to university. Then to be honest, I mainly drank fruit juices and the odd soda but never water until about 3 months ago.

Basically I moved to a desert and it is very hot here. I realised that I was constantly telling my daughter to drink lots of water (at 48deg C you need lots of water) and yet I wasn't following my own advice and how could I be upset that all my daughter wanted was juice like me. Also I kept getting headaches which I finally worked out where caused by dehydration. So I downloaded an app which alarms me to drink water throughout the day and made a point of carrying a full bottle of water with me everywhere I go.

3 months later and now I drink over 2L a day easily and I love it! It is definitely the best healthy habit I have and even better is I have no headaches anymore!

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11/14/12 10:47 P

About 45 years ago, I never drank water - instead I drank a lot of juices and milk, but also a lot of soda. When I discovered that simply by NOT drinking those and drinking water, I could drop 10-15 pounds in 2 weeks. I was quickly a CONVERT. Unfortunately over the years my eating has moved closer and closer to a healthy lifestyle, still struggling BUT there is NOTHING that I can drop or switch to that has those results. I was a two-fisted drinker in that nothing was ever an 8 oz glass - 24-32 or even larger was MY style, so you can imagine the calorie savings I managed when I quick 5-10 glasses of ANY calorie drink whether nutritious or empty calories the calories were killing me.

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11/14/12 4:42 P

How did you first get in the habit of making yourself one? A LONG time ago, I used to drink nothing but soda, especially working in the fast food industry where we got soft drinks for free all the time. I don't think I even drank water when I was sick. It's miraculous that I made it to my twenties! (I'm halfway through my thirties, now.)
Then...I got pregnant and subsequently lost my job. (Yes. I lost my job in a freaking gas station/subs & salads shop because I was pregnant. Actually, I was one of four women who was pregnant. I got pregnant first and then the rest of the ladies within 1-4 weeks after I did. We thought the [sexist pig] boss was kidding when he said there was no way he was going to deal with four pregnant women at the same time and we better be on our best behavior. I call in sick-BRONCHITIS, which you don't want anyone with bronchitis preparing your food anyway. That was almost exactly 11 years ago. That's irrelevant though. HOLY tangent.) I was pretty much forced to start drinking water, while I waited for unemployment insurance to kick in which I had to fight for because of the sexist pig boss.
I realized, I LIKE water. I am OKAY with soda being a "sometimes" treat. I can't imagine life without it, and it's no wonder I got sick so much as a teen/young adult.

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