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2/10/13 10:48 P

What is your weekly "calories to burn"? If your weekly exercise goal is in line with you burning 320 calories today, then to eat more would sabotage your efforts.

Your food range already accounts for the weekly exercise goal. If you're meeting that goal do not eat more. Just eat in range.

If you're not meeting that goal (or exceeding it) simply change that goal.

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2/10/13 5:44 P

Why would you pretend you didn't work out today?

You should set up your Sparkpeople fitness goals to represent how much you're burning each week. That will adjust your intake over the course of the week to provide you with the needed calories to support that activity.

You don't "eat back" your calories the way you do elsewhere. It's all planned in your goals. :)

If you need more, eat at the top of your range. Just be careful about eating more just because you work out. You can easily undo your hard work by eating too much because you "hit the gym." You do need more when you workout, but you're making things too hard on yourself if you eat back your calories.

Setting up proper goals is more efficient over time, and takes out the guess work.

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2/10/13 5:38 P

I burned what spark people estimates to be 320 calories today.
Should i eat more because i burned calories, or should I just pretend like i didn't work out and eat within my range?

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