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4/21/14 8:26 A

These are good suggestions. I know I should be stretching more, I just get in a hurry.

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4/20/14 11:00 P

Here is what works for me. When I get in from my hammer rides on the bicycle I try and get a shower in before 30 minutes are up. I do warm shower and then hit my legs with ice cold water as I can take. Kind of works just like icing an injury, it stops the swelling. Works for me.

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4/20/14 12:34 P

I live in a very hilly area and hike with my dog constantly, varying the routes I take. I was getting pretty sore legs too, after a while, which I thought was weird because I've always taken my dog on hikes and I DO take a rest day.

Turns out I needed to stretch! I stretch my legs first thing in the morning, and I stretch them a little bit before and after the hike. I forget some days, but it has definitely helped!

Also, I don't know how people don't take rest days... I NEED them! I'd go crazy if I didn't have one rest day each week.

4/20/14 11:53 A

I puzzle over this myself. I haven't taken a rest day since late March. I felt like taking one yesterday but I didn't, I went for a hike with my dogs in a very hilly area; my Fitbit recorded the equivalent of 35 flights of stairs at the end of the day. Consequently, when I woke up this morning my hips hurt, my thigh muscles were sore, and I felt very unenthusiastic about exercising. I'd like to take a rest day but I feel guilty doing so.

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4/19/14 8:34 A

Have you tried protein after your workout? It has virtually cured my muscle soreness. Since you are just walking, maybe try half a scoop. I get some cheap stuff from Walmart and it tastes sooooooo good (most taste awful!) And I have had great results with it.

I also started walking on hills when I first started and had shin splits and calf pain. Stretching helps quite a bit and also, google about foam rolling your muscles :)

Keep up the good work! Those hills are no joke but they will whip you in to shape in no time!

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4/19/14 7:00 A

Soreness is normally a sign that you are doing something unfamiliar to your muscles (whether it is a new activity, or just pushing hard/further than normal), not that you are necessarily overdoing things.

If you back off every time you feel soreness, you will never improve.

A rest day once a week or so is good, as it allows your muscles the chance to recover.

And of course, it is important to differentiate between more generalized muscle soreness, and sharper pain that may indicate an injury.


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4/18/14 11:21 P

Ok i dont know your height, but i do know when i was over 200lbs i needed to rest when i was getting that sore. Its better to take off 1 day than to hurt yourself and have to take off more. On the days you feel super sore, i suggest just doing a good stretch and letting yourself heal!

4/18/14 8:46 P

I don't have a specific rest day, but I will take a break if I don't have time to walk that day.
I'm not doing any strength training, but I do vary my walk intensity by walking outside. I live in an area that is not flat and has alot of hills so I feel like it helps vary the workout.

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4/18/14 12:24 P

Do you take any rest days each week? Do you vary your walks so that you have some higher intensity and some lower intensity days? Are you doing any strength training?

Coach Jen

4/18/14 11:30 A

I have been walking so much lately. I love it! But my leg muscles are getting sore, and I don't know if I should rest, or if it is better to work through it.

I don't particularly WANT to rest, but I don't know if I should... HELP

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