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BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/6/14 11:11 A

I *think* you can freeze it, and if so that's a good idea. Must investigate. ;) Love the oats idea, too. I eat oats occasionally and that might be a fun way to make them a little different.

My son and I had mango lassi with breakfast this morning. So good! Salty lassi doesn't *sound* so good to me, but it's worth a shot. It might surprise me.

Thanks, guys.

LOTUS737 Posts: 3,240
1/6/14 10:10 A

use it for overnight oats- soak oatmeal, kefir, and any herbs/spices/fruit/nuts/etc you like. eg. blueberries, cinnamon, & honey or brown sugar with a dash of vanilla. it'll be ready to go by morning for an easy grab & go breakfast.

i'm guessing freezing is a no-no or i'd suggest popsicles.

in addition to sweet lassi, mentioned below, we do salty lassi too- i usually just do salt and ground cumin but you can really play around with it as you see fit.

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
1/6/14 8:44 A

Whew! And LOL! Thanks for the reply. ;-)

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/5/14 11:46 A

"Forgive me if I sound disrespectful, but why not just take a break from kefir?"

Don't worry, it doesn't sound disrespectful.

Kefir grains are living organisms that will continue to produce kefir as long as they are nourished, but will die if not fed. You can slow down fermentation using low temperatures (as FLUTTEROFSTARS pointed out), but not for more than two weeks. You can also dehydrate them, but that requires a sometimes lengthy reactivation process once you want to use them again. They also grow, so the same grains that produce a cup per day at the beginning of the process can eventually produce gallons.

Besides, there are a thousand uses for them, so I thought I'd ask if the lovely people of SP have any favorites. I don't necessarily want to take a break from kefir, just from kefir smoothies. :)

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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,216
1/5/14 9:02 A

Maybe just use it as a dip for sweet potato fries, strawberries, over blueberries, even on a baked potato. Should be pretty good with raw veggies too or maybe a drizzle over steamed broccoli or green beans.

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
1/5/14 8:23 A

Forgive me if I sound disrespectful, but why not just take a break from kefir?

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/5/14 12:15 A

That's actually what led to the destruction of my old grains: the jar spilled at the back of the fridge during a hibernation phase and I wasn't brave enough to try to rescue them, because ew. ;) I'll definitely do it again, though (just a little more carefully), because it really does help one keep up with it all.

Thanks so much for the mango idea, that's fantastic! I haven't had a mango lassi since I moved and lost easy access to my favorite Indian place. I'll be picking up some mango this week, for sure.

1/4/14 10:12 P

I feel your pain! I went on a kefir kick last year, but those little grains just kept growing and multiplying and making more kefir than I could possibly drink! I found a few articles online that suggested you can 'hibernate' your kefir every other week (just put the grains in fresh milk in the fridge for a week - they hibernate), which gives you a little bit of time off from the constant kefir! I successfully did that for a few months (making kefir each day for a week, then taking a week off while the grains rested in the fridge), but eventually I just got tired of it altogether.

As for recipes, I mostly just made different kinds of smoothies. I loooved kefir with a few chunks of frozen mango - it tastes like a mango lassi (which is awesome if you like Indian food). I think you can also use it in baking, but I never got that far... good luck keeping up with your grains!

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/4/14 2:11 P

I've been making my own kefir for a while and I really like it. Unfortunately, I get a little tired of blending it with berries and drinking it, and since I have at least a cup to use up every day, that's how it usually ends up being used. I have used it in place of yogurt/milk in a few recipes, with varying degrees of success.

I know there are some ideas out there on the internet, but I was wondering what the SP community does. I only have a small amount of kefir grains at the moment, as I recently started a new batch after an unfortunate incident with the old ones, but they grow fast and soon I'll have several cups to use every day. If I don't get some ideas soon I'm going to be drowning in smoothies.

Do you make kefir, and if so, how do you use it all? Do you have some tested recipes that work well with it?

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