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11/17/11 11:52 P


Nothing fancy, just some rice and black beans with cilantro and lime, a little bit of diced tomato, some lettuce and 1/2 oz shredded cheddar. IT IS SO GOOD!

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11/17/11 10:33 P

My favorite sandwich consists of pesto or hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese with some freshly ground pepper. You can also mix it up by bringing a wrap instead or something besides the typical salad or sandwich, such as dinner leftovers or non-leafy salad (pasta, bean, or chickpea salads).

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11/17/11 2:52 P

The chickpea of the sea idea is really neat! I think I will try that today!

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11/17/11 1:31 P

Sliced veggies, a little cheese, a pita and some healthy dressing or hummus
Leftovers. Make extra for supper, immediately portion into your lunch container and take it for work the next day.
Open faced sandwiches with sliced hardboiled eggs, small amount of strong cheese
Chickpea of the sea. Instead of use tuna, use chickpeas and mash them up with onions, pickles, a little mayo and your favourite seasonings.
Pita pizzas. Small pita with low sodium, a little pasta sauce or salsa or whatever and then some veggies on top with a small amount of cheese and herbs. Grill in the oven the night before and good to go for lunch the next day.
Soup. Any broth based soup low in sodium is great. Warm it up at work or take in it a thermos and have it. I did it as kid when I was in grade school, still works today!

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11/17/11 2:20 A

Veggie or turkey burger
Grilled chicken
Hummus and veggie
Eggs and veggie wrap
Grilled vegetable and cheese
Almond butter
Cottage cheese/veggies in pita
If you switch the breads from wrap,bagel,sliced it can feel less boring
Also topping such as peanut butter with apples or peanut butter and banana

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11/16/11 8:15 P

I like turkey pastrami with yellow mustard on rye

what about tossing some left over chicken breast with buffalo sauce and wrapping it up in a whole grain wrap w/ celery?

Fat free re-fried beans wrapped up with some salsa and low fat cheese?

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11/16/11 7:31 P

I like to roast slices of vegetables (zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, red onion, etc.) and put them on a sandwich spread with pesto. Add cheese or not, depending on your calorie allowance. I also like whole-wheat pita bread stuffed with falafel and fresh veggies (like tomatoes, lettuce and Italian parsley). However, I'll eat just about anything for lunch. I make five servings on the weekend and bring them all to work on Monday. This week I'm having healthy creamed spinach, roasted root veggies and whole-wheat crostini spread with white bean and red pepper dip. That took about forty-five minutes of prep on Sunday, and I eat like a queen all week!

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11/16/11 7:27 P

You could always try adding spices to give those old sandwiches a new kick. Like curry in your egg salad, or ground fennel seeds in your tuna! Try seasoning your cream cheese with Italian seasonings and a little garlic, or you could do cinnamon and a sugar substitute. Cinnamon would also work on your peanut butter sandwiches!

And just start experimenting with different ingredients to find new things. My husband does this a lot. He comes up with a lot of bad combinations (peanut butter and cheese? Turkey and marshmallow fluff?) but does stumble across the occasional keeper! Like salami and cheddar cheese sandwiches on a hearty, flavorful rye bread with barbeque sauce.

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11/16/11 7:13 P

Any ideas for sandwiches/lunch besides egg salad, tuna salad, peanut butter, cheese, and cream cheese? These are standard and it's getting a little boring to keep eating the same thing for lunch.

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