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3/25/13 11:57 A


I don't eat my tuna fish 'sandwiches' between bread anymore I mix it with chickpeas instead.
You can also try wrapping fillings up in some nice crunchy lettuce as a sub for bread to hold things together.

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3/25/13 8:11 A

I'm not sure why you why need to give up bread entirely to increase your protein. If you're choosing a whole grain bread there's usually 5-6g of protein per serving. I eat 1-2 servings of bread a day and have no issues reaching 110-160g of protein.

Just limit yourself to 1-2 servings of a whole grain bread.

If you're trying to increase your protein choose; whole grains, Greek yogurt, chicken, fish/seafood, tuna, low fat cheeses/other dairy, turkey, lean pork, legumes, low fat cottage cheese, eggs/egg whites, nuts/nut butters, seeds...etc

According to your nutrition tracker you're eating a lot of refined grains and sugar- high sugar, low fibre cereal, white bread, pretzels, white rice, added sugar, creamer etc. I think if you change those to whole grains, legumes and vegetables while cutting out the sugar/creamer. You'll have a lot more calories going to complex carbs as opposed to refined carbs that cause crazy insulin spikes and protein.

The type of carbs matter. Try to replace all those simple carbs with complex carbs and you can still enjoy a sandwich or wrap once a day. I think the bigger issue is your overall choice of carbs.

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3/25/13 7:45 A

ezekial can be found at most grocery stores. it's in the freezer section.

tracking your veggies will also give you a better idea of where you are. if you're running low in protein, broccoli has a few grams. potatoes have a few grams and so forth. if you are eating a significant amount of vegetable matter they do contribute to your protein intake, which is one of the reasons why tracking them is important.

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3/25/13 7:18 A

Hi, these are great ideas! Do you find the Ezekial bread at most grocery stores. Also I do eat quite a few veggies. I just don't track my veggies. Only my fruit. I am thinking of adding bananas and apples with peanut butter for snacks! I had not realized how much WHITE stuff I ate and it IS quick to grab. I am going to take a look at my pantry and start to make changes! Thank you so much for all the advice!!!!

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3/24/13 2:51 P

I agree with other posters that it maybe easier to try to pick healthier, more filling breads than to cut it out completely.

My favorite is this one:

But there are lots you can find ... it is good to be careful about "whole wheat" breads, though. Most of them are only 51% whole wheat - which I gather is the lowest they can go while still claiming whole wheat.

Other than that, it's probably a good idea to have easy snacks around, since one thing that makes bread so appealing is that it's pretty easy to just grab when you're hungry. Maybe some greek yogurt instead - thicker and more filling than regular. Or keep plenty of fruit around, especially bananas and apples as they tend to be filling.

For meals, rice or other grains and beans are always a nice, filling combination with lots of variation potential. Adding a few nuts to the oatmeal can add some variety. Not too much, obviously, but that's some protein and it's tasty. I like to combine walnuts and honey, either with oatmeal or yogurt.

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3/24/13 2:20 P

The Ezekiel bread is really good.

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3/24/13 2:11 P

I wouldn't give up bread. Bread can be a good source of protein as well. If you're worried about the protein to carbs ratio in bread, try a sprouted grain bread like Ezekiel brand. It is, of course, always a good idea to try adding new whole grains to your diet as well to replace simple carbs so kudos for that.

3/24/13 12:14 P

I also think you need to up your vegetable and fruit intake.

I think the best way to make sure you are eating the right balance of foods might be to try what I aim for at each meal. I split up my plate 1/4 of my plate is protein, 1/4 of my plate is starch (grain or white potatoes) and 1/2 of my plate is colorful veggies (green beans, carrots, salad, etc). And don't forget the fats (avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, flax oil or butter), they help keep you feeling full longer.

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3/24/13 11:32 A

Rather than giving up bread entirely (which may be an unnecessary step) I think a wiser choice would be making smarter carb choices. White bread has a high glycemic index, which means that it spikes your blood sugar and can trigger crashes and cravings. Since I've switched to whole grain breads. They are digested more slowly, and don't have the same effect.

Here's a great article that explains how to choose more complex carbs over simple ones:

Looking at your trackers, the biggest thing that stands out to me is that you eat very few fruits and veggies. Actually, I see NO veggies, and very little fruit. Your diet right now is focused almost entirely on simple carbs... it's no wonder you're having a hard time getting protein! Start adding lean meats, beans, and fresh fruits and veggies.

Your problem isn't bread... you don't eat that much of it. The problem is the snacking on things like pretzels, animal crackers (that one looks like a bit of a trigger for you), and rice.

All of these things leave you unsatisfied, and reaching for more.

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3/24/13 9:47 A

I eliminated all sugar and flour, increased my activity level with things I enjoyed, and stayed true to low-glycemic lifestyle. I believe doing these three in conjunction worked synergistically.

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3/24/13 9:34 A

I looked at a couple days of your tracker. You seem to eat a lot of empty carbs - a lunch of pretzels and rice, lots of pretzels throughout the day, animal crackers at meals, etc.

Maybe start by removing those things and building your meals around protein and veggies, with a starch as a small side.

So have eggs for breakfast with a sweet potato. Lunch have chicken and veggies, with 1/2 cup of rice. Dinner have some kind of meat, half a plate of veggies and then 1/2 cup of a grain like quinoa.

It looks like you aren't eating things with a lot of nutrition, so your body keeps wanting more food in an attempt to get what it needs, but more pretzels and animal crackers aren't going to cut it.

If you are eating adequate meals, you shouldn't need to snack throughout the day. More protein (meat, eggs, tofu, seafood, etc) will keep you much fuller than trying to find more grains to eat.

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3/24/13 9:20 A

I gave up white bread and wheat bread as both cause cravings. I do eat thinly sliced Toasted Rye Bread as it digests slowly and helps keep me full.

Protein...well...Pumpkin seeds are especially high in protein, low in calories and fat. Sunflower seeds have protein & almonds are particularly high in protein, Pepitas... 1 Ounce has 8 Grams of protein making them a smart snack or salad addition. Pepitas are already shelled pumpkin seeds.

Other sources of protein are chicken, turkey, beans, peas, fish, cottage cheese, and peanut butter, parm cheese, Romano cheese, chia seeds Barley has soluble and insoluble fiber and has more fiber than oatmeal.

Quinoa and Kasha which are extremely high in protein.Seasame Seeds
are high in fiber and have protein.

Low-fat dairy products are also excellent sources of protein. "All Whites" egg whites have protein and so does o% Fage Plain Greek Yogurt...just add berries to sweeten (about 23 Grams per serving)

Popcorn ranks as a high-protein food. Have 3 cups of air-popped popcorn, no butter or margarine, no salt..sprinkle with parm or romano which has protein or cinnamon to flavor.Popcorn has lots of vitamins and minerals. Air popper at Walmart $19.99...great taste easy and fast.

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3/24/13 9:07 A

How do you normally eat bread right now? Just as snacks? As parts of meals?

AMARISRON Posts: 1,205
3/24/13 8:59 A

So I am thinking of "giving up" bread - not carbs just bread - so that I can focus on increasing my protein intake. I have a hard time getting enough protein and I tend to snack on bread a lot. Any ideas of what I can replace breads with and still stay full? I am thinking of doing a lot of rice and beans or oatmeal with flax seed but that can get boring real quick.

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