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2/10/14 3:02 P

You didn't mention anything about the gym. I see plenty of couples working out together, especially on the weekends. That might be fun.

How about playing pool? It's not the most calorie torching endeavor, but it can be fun even if you are terrible. At least its moving and not just sitting and eating.

Volunteering can be a fun thing to do together also. Any skills or interests you have as a couple can be helpful to someone in need.

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2/10/14 8:38 A

Is there a recreational sports league you both could join? They tend to be more focused on the social aspect (meeting people) but it still fun to go out and play a game of volleyball/touch football/softball/etc once a week and hangout with your new team mates after.

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2/9/14 2:28 P

Take a dance class together or go out dancing.

Roller skating--indoors. Ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing, etc.

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2/9/14 2:00 P

Are there any places with an indoor climbing wall? If either of you have Wii, you could do something like that for a bit of friendly competition. You could go bowling. What about going to a museum or somewhere where you could walk around inside (even if it is slow)? I would suggest going to a roller rink, but I don't think those have existed since the early to mid 90s.

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2/9/14 1:21 P

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2/9/14 11:45 A

Do either of you cook? You could take a cooking class and learn to cook a gourmet meal at home that will be healthier than restaurant fare. You could buy filet mignon and lobster tail and cook them at home with candle light and a $10 bottle of wine for less than a burger and two beers at Applebees. We only go out to eat less than once a month, but I'm already tired of our limited restaurant options. Plus, it's something fun to do together, and my husband doesn't mind me bossing him around in the kitchen ;)

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2/8/14 11:00 P

Hey everyone! So I've been in a relationship for four months now, and have been dating my guy for about six. I've run into a few problems concerning my health (and his.)

Most of our dates have involved dining out. We used to have more active dates (going for a walk around the lake, browsing stores, etc) but now that it's winter in the upper Midwest, our options are slim. I'm more open to doing outdoor things (skiing, skating, what have you,) but he doesn't like either. His reaction to my suggestion of rock climbing was 'meh' and I've been unsuccessful in getting him to go dancing with me. We went bowling once, both loved it, and will go again, but I need more ideas.

So, what suggestions do you guys have for more active dates?

It doesn't help that whenever we go out, he grumbles about eating another unhealthy meal and the weight he's gained. I think it's great that he's concerned about his health, too, but not being able to enjoy my dinner is driving me nuts! I think overall my diet is healthy, so I don't usually feel bad when I go out to eat. Ultimately, I think living healthy is about what you eat on a regular basis and how active you are. I want to tell him to start eating at home instead of out every single day, to move a little more, and to enjoy his damn dinner, but that's not really the nicest way to do it. I just don't know what to say without coming off as tactless and mean.

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