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Ideas for a high protein, low fat spread?

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8/11/13 3:18 A

Thank you all for the great suggestions! I knew I'd find a wealth of knowledge from experience here! My only question now is which one to try first!

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8/10/13 1:49 P

Can you reduce elsewhere else in your diet? PB may be higher in calories but it has healthy fats, which your body needs (which is why I never understood the science behind PB2, which extracts healthy oils and nutrients in favor of low calories). A good, high protein option for breakfast is a whole egg scrambled with a little bit of chopped garlic, black pepper and veggies of your choice. If you can afford the calories, sprinkle a little bit of shredded cheddar on top and let it melt. Yummy!

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8/10/13 1:34 P


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8/10/13 8:10 A

PB2 (peanut flour, technically, but with fat removed) mixed with LF cream cheese would probably work.

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8/10/13 7:45 A

I see that you are from NZ. I often use Flora Ultra Light spread (can't call it margarine) and then use cottage cheese. Nice on toast with a couple slices of tomato on top. OR cottage cheese, on toast, and use a potato peeler to slice a couple slices of Bega Light Vintage Cheese. Tons less calories using the potato peeler to slice it, and the Bega Light has a lot less calories than the usual cheddar, but continues to be a source of protein. Also, take a look at your bread. Burgen does a beautiful Weight Management bread which is high in protein and fairly high in fibre, and Freya's Soy/Linseed Thins are an excellent source of protein, fibre and lower fats/calories. My Dietitian really likes both of them, particularly the thins. They are both fairly low in carbs, for a bread.


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8/10/13 7:31 A

SARDINES ARE LOADED WITH PROTEIN. COQ10 is one of the good features sardines have and they are heart healthy.

Mash sardines add chopped onion and a pinch of dry mustard, chill use as a spread.
Balsamic vinegar gives sardines a nice zing.
Top sardines with chopped tomatoes and basil, oregano, or rosemary.
Combine sardines with chopped onion, olives, or fennel.

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8/10/13 5:26 A

Cottage cheese
Tuna salad
Deli turkey
Egg salad
Salmon salad

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8/10/13 3:59 A

I've been enjoying peanut butter on ryvita for morning tea for a month now, and feel it might be time for a change. As my recommended calories is decreasing, do you have any suggestions for a low fat spread that is still high in protein?

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