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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
8/11/14 8:09 A

It looks like a low carb diet. Personally, I have had lots of success on a low carb, high fat diet.

However, you can do it with real food, and have loads of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes etc. to get your carbs, and not drink shakes, or pay for the privilege.

The problem with these plans, is that once you establish their macronutrient makeup, you can match that with real food, using the SP tracker, which is why they want you to pay before you get the plan. All they are selling is information, and then hopefully product.

If they said eat 10 % carbs, 70 % fat, and 20 % protein, why would you pay them any money? You can just eat real food, and see those results for free.

If you do decide to eat a lower carb plan, you will realize that since your carbs are so limited, you at least want to eat taste the small amount that you are allowed.

Another issue is the name, suggesting that you will be eating lots of protein. Seems like they are trying to avoid backlash from terms like low carb OR high fat. Ideal protein sounds wonderful!! If my protein is 20 %, I can think of so many tasty ways to eat protein. Does a shake sound good? Or healthy?

If you would consider a low carb plan.. look to Atkins, Paleo, or South Beach/Zone, and pick one that you think you could stick to. At the very least they are being truthful about the fact that you will be eating lower carbs, the same protein, and therefore they are HIGH FAT diets. If that bothers you, don't do low carb, because they are really high fat, but marketers know that saying so would hurt sales.

Anyone here want to eat a HIGH FAT diet? No? Just me? Thought so.

Beware of people who reeeally want to help you.. for just 3 payments of.....

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8/10/14 12:46 P

I was just wondering if they count calories at all on I.P.?

WDIPIM Posts: 1,389
1/21/14 7:29 A

find something you can stick with; this is a life style change

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LISA32989 Posts: 4,358
1/21/14 6:37 A

Coach Jen said: "Whatever style of eating you choose, I'd recommend it's something you can stick with long-term. That's the best way to ensure you'll take weight off and keep it off for good. The problem with most "diets" is that you can lose weight while on them, but then once you go back to eating normally the weight comes right back. "

This is true of any healthy eating change anyone makes to lose weight.
If one goes back to the way they were eating that made them fat in the first place, the weight will come back on. If one follows all Four phases of IP, it is a change of eating style for life that will keep weight off. Too many people follow quick weight loss plans but never follow through with the maintenance part of the program and then blame the diet that the weight was regained. What we out in our own mouths is not the diet's fault!

Any diet works for weigh loss if you can stick to it. The nice thing about IP is it is easy to stick to and the four phases gradually move you to a healthy maintenance plan. And best of all, if you spend some time doing research, you don't have to spend a lot of money...or you can go to,an IP clinic and the research is done for you. Your choice.

STARGIRL66 SparkPoints: (3,311)
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1/9/14 4:35 P

I started the program in August 2012 at 286 and followed the program on my own since I didn't have a clinic in my area, and couldn't afford the prices. I came to understand carbs were my enemy after reading "Fat Chance" and chose this program as a way to get from A to B as quickly as possible. I felt surgery was my only other alternative after trying everything over and over again only to gain more and more each time. I knew I didn't want to do that.

I was shocked to find how easy this program was to follow. Yes it's very strict, but that's what I found I needed. I was able to get down to 198 and then life got in the way. I'm back up to 217 now and back on the program. I don't follow it to the letter, but the structure stills works well for me.

ZUVIJ1 SparkPoints: (10)
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1/9/14 1:16 P

your story was so inspirational and I've just finished my first week and lost 7 lbs.--yEAH!!
I am missing having some cheese or bread, but I know in good time

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JENN26POINT2 SparkPoints: (33,428)
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5/22/13 11:04 A

But where is the ingredients list??? I can't find ingredients ANYWHERE. Programs that require me to buy special products drive me nuts. And companies that won't let me do research on ingredients before I walk into a "clinic" is not one I'm willing to do business with. I want to see what's in something and verify that it's something I'd even be interested in, so I can make the decision from the privacy of my own home instead of while being pressured to buy buy buy.

What is the primary source of protein? Is it a soy isolate? Is it a whey protein? How many other crappy chemicals are in it?

My sister did IP. She lost a lot of weight, but she spent $500 a month on just shakes!!! Ridiculous! Now that she's learned she can't afford to keep that up, she's stopped using it. She said when she stopped using it, she gained back 10 lbs and 3 inches in a short period of time - she thought maybe 2 weeks is all it took to gain that back.

But bottom line, if you have to buy a specific product for the weight loss, can you truly maintain that for life? Can you afford to buy packaged products for the rest of your life? $500 a month is a car payment - for life.

3/26/13 1:52 P

It is based in Canada so yes, many folks who write about it have extra 'u' s in their words. Of course they probably think we left out the 'u's! I have lost 70 pounds on Ideal Protein. There is no secret about the number of calories. Very easy to enter them here and know exactly what you are getting. There are also numerous very close alternatives - at less than half the price. I have done extensive research, and now buy very similar products from at least three different sources. (Check out the Alternative IP forums on Three Fat Chicks). You have to be super attentive to the carb counts, in the alternative products though. I am phasing myself off this diet because I reached a point where I wanted to tone up, and exercise seemed to really slow down the weight loss on the IP protocol. Was told by my coach that it was designed for people who were so obese they that exercise was really not an option. Besides one needs more carbs to work out with any intensity (and not pass out). I still have about 20 lbs to lose, but am OK with losing it a little more slowly now by utilizing a somewhat low carb diet, high in lean protein to build muscle, low in fat. Gee, seems like a nutrition plan for life. I will say that the IP food is FABULOUS! That is one thing I will miss. In fact, I may continue to buy a few items to intersperse in my diet just because I really really love them, and they give me a high protein option.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
2/14/13 1:10 P

I don't like anything that is really strict. And Ideal Protein seems to be super strict. And I don't like a diet with shakes and such. I like to chew it is just a personal preference.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
2/14/13 12:19 P

Someone told me about this diet. She knew someone who'd lost weight on this diet (a someone knows someone story!). When I looked into it, I thought it was basically a low-carb diet.

Been there. Done that. I don't think it's healthy, long-term.

Unless you have a doctor who says, 'You ABSOLUTELY must lose x amount of weight and it doesn't matter how, as long as I can see that it's medically healthy and an acceptable way to lose weight...'

Eventually, you must live your life. Can you spend so much energy avoiding a,b, and c, no matter what a,b, and c are? If you find you have no problem with that scenario, then, with your doctor's supervision, go for it!

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2/14/13 8:24 A

It's safe and it's medically supervised, as detailed below.

BUT -- it's VERY expensive, and of the half-dozen or so people I know who went on Ideal Protein, all lost significant amounts of weight, and all but one regained it within a year. (The one who didn't regain the weight happens to be married to a registered dietician, maybe that helps explain why he kept on track. :))

Like others said below, it's just hard to keep weight off with a diet that involves pre-packaged food, where you're on a someone else's "plan" for a long time. It's really better to learn about nutrition and learn to plan your own healthy meals, and to incorporate fitness and exercise for long-term success.

The results I saw in my acquaintances were amazing, but short-lasting, and most couldn't afford it.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,267
2/14/13 6:44 A

This is JMO. Any "diet" that has you consume THEIR products, is not teaching you how to live for the rest of your life. Yes indeed you may have some "amazing" results. But I'm willing to bet that once you lose weight and quit buying their products, you will gain every last bit (and probably more) of the weight back.

I don't know about you, but my budget doesn't allow for expensive substitutes for real food.

CARLONDD SparkPoints: (15)
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2/14/13 5:58 A

Well i have to take drinks, and such. Its not training you to modify your consuming routine for life. Its a short-term modify so what happens, when your done this diet plan. You go right back to your old routines and obtain it all back.

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SKINNYJWO10 Posts: 511
2/13/13 8:22 P

Ideal Protein is a safe, medically supervised, 4 phase protocol. I know this because I am an Ideal Protein coach. I can absoultely explain the science behind the diet, why it works, and why i'm sure you've heard many success stories. This diet is not unsafe in any way. It actually teaches you portion control, which carbohydrates you should consume in moderation/on occasion, how they affect blood sugar levels, and what sugar does to your body.

Some features of the protocol include eating 3 protein packets of highly absorbable protein (whey, soy, soy isolates and milk protein) are common ingredients. In addition to these 3 protein packets you are supposed to eat at least 4 cups of veggies, unlimited salads, lean proteins, olive oil, etc. You are NEVER hungry on this diet and the best part (and the ONLY reason I am a coach/promote) this diet plan is that, you are learning something from this protocol. You are learning portion control. You are learning which veggies affect insulin levels the least/most and what the high-carbohydrate, high sugar typical American diet is doing to your body.

The science: The body has 3 compartments of energy from which to draw to meet its metabolic needs, Carbohydrates, Muscle and Fats. Your body draws on these reserves in a very specific manner. Chronologically the body will draw on its carbohydrate reserve first before turning to muscle and fat. During the weight loss phase of the IP protocol we limit the carbohydrate intake to force the body to turn to its fats and muscle compartments. Because we are consuming Ideal Protein High-Biological protein foods throughout the day, muscle mass loss will NOT occur, leaving the body to target ONLY fat. The IP protocol is NOT a high-protein diet in any way. We simply provide the body with an adequate amount of protein to ensure muscle is not lost.

You are restricting carbohydrates in the form of sugar, breads, rice, pasta, alcohol and dairy and fruit. This is a muscle-sparing ketonic diet (carbs are typically around 50) per day.

The results are dramatic and if you actually do your part and LEARN while on the plan you will keep the weight off. My sister is down 55 pounds in 4 months. Both of my parents are down 25 pounds each in 8 weeks, my husband is down 40 lbs in just 3 months. And guess what, all did their part, learned from this plan and have kept the weight off.

The ingredients are not a secret. You can walk into any clinic and they will hand you a box of food and let you read the box yourself. It's not a secret or "scam" to take your money. Most IP workshops to learn all about the plan are free! It's a fantastic kick start for anyone trying to learn the basics of healthy eating. :)

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IDEALHEALTH SparkPoints: (6)
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2/13/13 7:20 P

IP is a safe phase 4 diet that is medically endorsed with Drs and medical teams. In phase 1 it is a healthy amount of protein based on your personal lean mass, vegetables, lean meat, IP products and supplements. Phase 2 teaches you how to eat a healthy lunch and dinner along with a few IP products. Phase 3 is the start of maintenance, learning the proper portioning for dairy, fruit, complex carbs, protein amounts to protect muscle and not damage organs and calorie counting a balanced diet for the rest of your life. Phase 4 designs the perfect balance for you individually. A balanced diet including the 4 food groups and making sure fitness, protein and calorie intake a daily routine in order for long term success. Every IP clinic has a free open house that discusses in detail the program and always discloses price, ingredients, phases and Q&A. Look into this if you would like to loss the weight, keep it off, learn a new way of eating to fight disease and maintain your health.

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9/28/12 9:33 P

Just wanted to tell everyone that one of the main ingredients in Ideal Protein is sucralose as well as other artifical sweeteners and other isolated ingredients which very likely includes msg
I would really do my research on the ingredients before taking this
any program that eliminates one of the macronutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrates) is not balanced and could cause health issues for now or even for later on
there is no magic in these products that makes you lose weight... really just seems to work because it provides calorie-controlled meals for you but at what cost for so many artificial ingredients
I really believe we need to be eating real food

IRINAI1986 Posts: 16
9/27/12 3:31 P

I know this is an older post but I was looking to see if SparkPeople had a forum for IP dieters. I was on this diet previously and LOVED it. It works great and they actually do give you what is what proportions etc. once you start the program. I am back on this diet and so is my coworker and so far the results are amazing. It is extremely pricey but it works for me because i used to spend $100+ on junk food a week so now I spend $90/week on the packaged food and I do okay with the constant and boring routine. It is super strict but worth it. I was on it for 1month and lost almost 20lbs and went off it because I thought that was enough weight loss for me (200lbs down to 182lbs) and guess what, 6 months later, i have managed to maintain that weight loss with no problem. Now I am back at it to get my weight down to a healthy 140lb and they do help you phase out of the program nicely to where you introduce other foods like carbs and sugars and it doesn't flip out your metabolism and make it go insane and hoard the fats and carbs and cause you regain your weight. And I was definitely more consciencious of what I ate after joining the program and stayed strong as to limiting my bad carbs and increasing proteins when I felt the urge to splurge.

LORIPAICH SparkPoints: (0)
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7/28/12 12:43 P


ANARIE Posts: 13,185
7/28/12 12:24 P

The first big problem I see with Ideal Protein is that they won't tell you what it is. They won't tell you how many calories you get overall, they won't tell what proportion of the diet comes from protein, fat, and carbs (even though they claim that proportion is what makes it work), they won't tell you the ingredients in their products, and perhaps most importantly, they won't tell you how much it costs! Companies that make you go in to their offices and talk to a rep before they'll give you any idea of what you're buying are almost always scams.

The website also appears to be based offshore and is partially written by non-native speakers of English. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's a scam, but it's a bit of a red flag. You'll want to find out where the money is handled before you give them a credit card number.

Basically, while it might not be a scam, there's a chance that it is, and there are many other programs that are much more transparent. If this one's not a scam, it's definitely a pig in a poke.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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7/28/12 12:03 P

Diets don't work.

There's no such thing as a quick fix. Restrictive eating plans don't help you learn to live with your lifestyle, and most of them can't be sustained for a lifetime. Eliminating the things you love only leaves you feeling deprived.

Skip the diets. Abandon the diet mentality. Stop dieting, start LIVING!

FARMGIRL1968 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/28/12 11:26 A

I don't like any diet where i have to take shakes and such. Its not teaching you to change your eating habits for life. Its a temporary change so what happens when your done w the diet. You go right back to your old habits and gain it all back.

STARGAZER420 Posts: 114
7/28/12 9:18 A

2 of the morning radio hosts locally are doing it and updating their weight every Wed on the air. They are both doing well, with the guy having lost 45 pounds in about 13 weeks and reaching maintanence. They are both happy with the plan and encourage others to try it, but the week that they had to cover the county fair they were just miserable because none of the fair food was allowed.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
7/28/12 8:58 A

"Each phase involves purchasing prepackaged protein powders and supplements."

And, as it's calorie-restricted (as noted in the link), you're going to lose, at least for a while, until you get extra hungry

yup. another ploy to empty your pocketbook, and promote quick weight loss, I guess.

I'd prefer just choosing a balanced menu, for life

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,566
7/28/12 8:33 A

Whatever style of eating you choose, I'd recommend it's something you can stick with long-term. That's the best way to ensure you'll take weight off and keep it off for good. The problem with most "diets" is that you can lose weight while on them, but then once you go back to eating normally the weight comes right back.

Coach Jen

STDWYNWEN SparkPoints: (11,748)
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7/28/12 6:08 A


I personally haven't, but I did a Google search and found this link.
It gives a breakdown of the program Phases.

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THENEWMRS1 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/28/12 3:04 A

Has anyone heard about the Ideal Protein diet? If so, can anyone tell me the details of it? I know some people who have seen amazing results, but can't explain the science behind the diet. Is it safe?


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