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ELLE_2012 Posts: 473
4/9/10 5:13 P

I lost 10.8 pounds the first week! i'm sooo not kidding. woo hoo!!!

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4/7/10 10:25 P


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4/7/10 10:23 P


4/7/10 9:24 A

LISA-ELEVATED, I doubt anyone meant that your doc was a rep. Even if he/she was, that's fine, representing it in his/her office.
People here trying to learn to eat and live a healthy life understand that out there people will try to promote all sorts of easy, fast, effortless... ways to lose weight.
What looks like a product representative here is someone's first post being about a product making claims of huge weight loss sucess using the product from a private profile.

4/6/10 11:08 P

I'm in Phase 3 of the IP regimen, overseen by my doctor. It is touted as a weight loss plan, but was developed by a doctor in France 25+ years ago for athletes to shed fat without losing muscle.

I went on it to kickstart a lifestyle change in my diet, which was terribly unbalanced, and to re-set my insulin production, as I have diabetes on both sides of my family. I have lost weight and inches, but the more important change has been in my awareness of the food I eat. I have never felt or looked better. It is a strict program, but as with any lifestyle change, you go into with your eyes open and only you can make the difference.

Happy to answer any specific questions about it.

ELLE_2012 Posts: 473
4/5/10 2:44 P

I work for a doctor's clinic and they started sponsoring this program. I was skeptical so didnt try it until i saw a LOT of people walking around here 30-40 pounds lighter! i was impressed so i started the diet just this morning. so far not too crazy about the soup...need to bring a whisk to work! Dont SHAKE the hot liquids btw if you have the shaker, thats dangerous! im looking forward to my 5oz of meat and 2 cups of veggies for dinner. :)

TKD_2D Posts: 558
3/11/10 2:03 P

actually, losing that half pound a week is very healthy and wonderful shouldn't lose more than 2-4 pounds a month...cutting out or adding too much of a food group is NOT safe...your body NEEDS a bit of EVERYTHING from the food pyramid...losing 5 pounds a week is way too much...and you are almost guaranteed to gain that back and then some once off of the "special" diets... emoticon

ELSIEMAE50 Posts: 66
3/11/10 1:28 P

I am a registered nurse and have been on the Ideal Protein diet for 10 days. I want to lose 20#. I am 59 yrs. old and have always struggled with my weight.
Our clinic started offering this program and so I decided to give it a try. I also have several friends, including doctors,

that are on it. Everyone is doing very well. I have lost 6 lbs. in 10 days. The women average about 3-4 lbs. a week.
It's actually not too hard to do. I miss the wine but that's about it because you do eat a regular meal in the evening. It's easy and convenient. So far I would recommend it!

If you do decide to try this program please let me know how you're doing! It's nice to have some support!

BAREFOOT-LISA Posts: 1,412
3/11/10 12:03 P

I just want some input from people who have used this program!

So, if anyone who has used the Ideal Protein plan through their doctor is still following this thread, please reply.
I am interested in learning more about it and wouldn't be opposed to factoring some of the thought process behind it, if anyone responds anyway.

I know that asking about other programs here is just an invite to being lectured on the "whole foods, slow and steady" ideas, but lets face it, some of us have a harder time and are interested in learning as much as we can for a healthy boost. I work hard and eat whole and still only lose .5 lbs a week, so if changing my protein etc will help me amp that up, then I am game to learn.

3/11/10 11:54 A

I read through the thread, and I know I get plenty of protein naturally, above the 60 minimum and can go over twice that if I want.... I get it from fish, egg whites, meats, chicken and turkey, tofu,dairy, tuna,nuts, sardines, I don't need some encapsulated pills of protein that lack the nutrients you get in natural proteins. Sheesh. It doesn't even take a big serving at one time to get in enough if you spread it out during your day. If I watch the portions, I can really spread out enough protein based foods so that I do not get fatigued with any one of them either, so I don't see why someone would do something so artificial because there are so many protein sources packed with all the important nutrients and vitamins that the body needs.
Even with expensive food prices here so far north, I can still get it in with cheaper stuff if I need to, mixed in throughout each month.
that goes for fiber in foods too. If one is eating their veggies and fruits, they won't need the fiber pills, plus enough water ( 8-10 glasses a day).
Think about it!

BAREFOOT-LISA Posts: 1,412
3/11/10 11:11 A

Who? My gyno? I don't think he is on sparkpeople. I just want some input from people who have used this program! sheesh.

JAGH2009 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/11/10 11:06 A

Sounds like somebody might be a sales rep for Ideal Protein, no? Isn't that against the rules for SP message boards?

BAREFOOT-LISA Posts: 1,412
3/11/10 11:03 A

$100 a week is what my gyno said. It's the cost of the "food", like jenny craig.

I just want some feedback from people who have done it and did they gain it back? Was it worth the money?

I doubt I would even do this since my Dr. job is to promote my health and best interest and selling me fad diets doesn't seem to be in my best interest, but in the effort to expand my horizons so to speak, I would really like to hear from some people who have done this!


JUNETWO68 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/11/10 10:58 A

$100?? A week? Seriously?

JANISLI SparkPoints: (3)
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3/11/10 10:36 A

Never heard of it. I use Designer Whey with great results.

3/11/10 10:33 A

Not everything works for the same person, I say if you're thinking of trying it you should! I didn't have any success with WW but many women have. :)

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/11/10 10:27 A

I never heard of it before. It sounds too expensive for me.

BAREFOOT-LISA Posts: 1,412
3/11/10 10:00 A

My gyno tried selling this to me, I did a little research and "doctors" sell those packets at over a 100% mark-up! Boy, makes me feel good to know he is looking out for my health, LOL!

What I want to know is how fast people will regain the weight once they start introducing more food into their diets and less packets? At $100 a week, it is hardly sustainable and one can't expect to eat the packets forever.

For those of you on it, I would appreciate some more information!

THINSPIRED2 Posts: 175
2/17/10 7:21 P

I haven't heard of ideal protein emoticon

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
2/17/10 7:20 P

I am so glad that you are also doing Ideal Protein. Doesn't it feel great to see the numbers go down on the scale? Nothing tastes better than thin does! emoticon

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ROSEMARDORF Posts: 2,648
2/15/10 6:03 P

I have never heard of it.

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
2/15/10 5:05 P

So far I lost 16 lbs. since starting the program on 1/7/10! emoticon

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
2/4/10 3:56 P

That's 20 grams each 3 meals and a snack, each day. Sorry, my bad. emoticon

SRGODDY Posts: 103
2/3/10 5:03 P

is that a typo? 20 Grams of protein a day? My minimum is 62.

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
2/3/10 4:35 P

My results are great so far. Lost 13 lbs. so far! emoticon

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
2/3/10 4:33 P

I did this because nothing else was working for me. My mom had heart disease and diabetes when she died. My dad died from a heart attack. So this crap as you call it, has helped me. I'll never forget how my dead mother looked like on the mortician's slab. I will take that memory to my grave. I don't want to end up like my parents. Don't knock anyone else's program for weight loss and your own way won't knocked either. emoticon

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
2/1/10 5:06 P

As of 1/7/10 I lost 13 lbs. Yippee!! emoticon

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
2/1/10 5:04 P

Amen to that!! emoticon

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
2/1/10 5:02 P

Me too! emoticon

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
2/1/10 5:01 P

You're allowed up to 20 grams of protein.

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
1/31/10 3:14 P

I'll find out and get back to you on that. emoticon

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
1/31/10 3:13 P

When I started Ideal Protein, I made it a spiritual odyssey. I asked God to meet me half way on this venture and He did!! I feel at peace with this program and more prayerful too. Thanks for the inspiration! emoticon

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
1/31/10 3:09 P

Keep up the good work. What works for the goose doesn't work for the gander. You go vegan guy, you rock!! Stick to what you know. I love beans and rice, you see I'm half Latina. emoticon

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
1/31/10 3:06 P

I eat real food too. emoticon

TAPEKNIF Posts: 271
1/31/10 3:05 P

What is it?

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
1/31/10 3:04 P

Yes we exercise, I am doing weights and cardio, thank you. emoticon

BUZZARD7 Posts: 20
1/31/10 3:01 P

I am allowed fish, chicken and other meats on this diet. Believe me this is the only thing that worked for me so far. emoticon

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BILL60 Posts: 917,813
1/31/10 8:35 A

Not for me.

NENESMOM Posts: 1,704
1/31/10 8:03 A

never heard of it

DELRIO1 Posts: 6,441
1/31/10 8:00 A

never heard of it. Don't like anything that recommends too much of any one thing.

ELSIEMAE50 Posts: 66
1/31/10 7:53 A

I want to know if the people on Ideal Protein exercise? And if you do how much?

JUGE300000 SparkPoints: (104,569)
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1/24/10 9:16 A

I am vegan. I get my protein from tofu, beans, rice, etc. Don't need to introduce something artificial into my body. Sorry.

1/24/10 9:14 A

Showgirlaz - How many grams of protein do you have in a day with this program? I'm just curious.

Edited: Only curious because I eat plenty of meat and I'd wager I probably take in more protein that you do a day. I like my natural protein!

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1/24/10 8:52 A

Never heard of it.

KATTNIPP Posts: 486
1/23/10 7:47 P

I too had to google it. I think if it works for you that is fabulous. I however prefer the slow and steady pace for my weight loss. This way I personally stand a better chance of keeping it off.

Keep up with what you are both doing as it seems to be working for you.

1/23/10 7:41 P

I have tried it! I am actually on week 9 of the program. It is great! I have lost 41 pounds and 40.25 inches and 9 percent body fat!! YES, it works!

You do buy packets of protein and vitamin supplements but don't people buy those at the gym, health foods stores, whole foods, and other places anyway. I am just choosing a particular quality and type of protein and adhering to a particular treatment plan to get my results. As far as REAL food. I get lots of it! And NO ONE could eat the amount of steak, eggs or chicken to get the level of available protein grams in one day that I get from my program without becoming sick! :)

Ideal protein is the best diet treatment plan out there!

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
9/16/09 10:11 A

OK so I had never heard of it either so naturally I googled it. Why in the world would I want to add manufactured packets of crap to my natural food? I eat enough protein and don't need any thing that is not natural in my diet thanks. Good for you on your success but just eat a piece of fish or chicken and you'll get the same results.

BELLADONNA12 Posts: 208
9/16/09 9:13 A

Never heard of it.

FEVISTON SparkPoints: (0)
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9/16/09 8:58 A

I can't believe no one has tried this!! I have experienced such great results.

FEVISTON SparkPoints: (0)
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9/14/09 8:56 A

Has anyone tried the Ideal Protein diet and if so, what are your results?

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