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11/15/13 2:55 P

Astanga/Vinyasa yoga I'd consider low-impact cardio because the idea is that you are continuously "flowing" from one pose to the other. As for the rest, its stretching.

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11/15/13 1:33 P

I do yoga every day. I track it as "Yoga (general stretching)". I don't think I burn a lot of calories doing yoga.

If I wanted to record the details of my yoga practice, I would add that in to the "note" option at the bottom of the fitness tracker. If you want, you could add custom exercises in to track whatever poses you're doing. Personally I don't hold poses for a whole minute so doing that would not make sense for me.

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11/15/13 10:23 A


This is aimed towards both the people who have influence over changes made to the website, and other Spark users to find out their opinions.

The fitness tracker currently has strength and cardio as options for when you enter your own exercise info. What about flexibility/stretching or some sort of equivalent? I know SparkPeople has yoga in the part where you can search for an exercise, but I prefer to enter my own so I can have more details. I have recently been getting into yoga and like to be able to track it, even if it doesn't burn many calories (I do realize this depends on the type of yoga). Currently, I just put it under strength, but I am not sure if that is the best category for it. I like just being able to write it down, but some time I may wear my heart rate monitor to see out of curiosity how much it burns and what my heart rate does during yoga, so being able to track that if desired would be nice too.

What does everyone else think?

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