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SHELBSYD SparkPoints: (33,981)
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7/17/11 10:06 A

I am so loving Trader Joe's non-fat Frozen Yogurt. I add fruit, jam, Peanut Butter to it. It's my favorite. I eat a half a bowl every night!! Also Dreyers makes some really good half frozen yogurt ice cream. The java chip and vanilla is pretty good! I get the half and half because I try to stay away from splenda.
AURORA629 Posts: 2,393
7/17/11 6:15 A

I tend to make my own ice cream.

MOM2ACAT SparkPoints: (190,535)
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7/16/11 3:19 P

Right now I am using Meijer low fat frozen yogurt.

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JENMC15 Posts: 47
7/16/11 7:55 A

About 1x a wk or so, I treat myself to an ice cream cone with reg Publix vanilla ice cream. I use 1/4 c ice cream & the cone has 20calories, so I get real ice cream w/o cheating terribly.

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
7/16/11 6:06 A

i like the WW small choc brownie cups. but in general, i eat regular ice cream because most give me a bad aftertaste.

7/15/11 5:22 P

We are blessed to have D'lites Emporium in our area. Fifty calories or 1 point for a four ounce serving. They weigh out each serving so there are no hidden calories.

ANIKAJAC SparkPoints: (34,860)
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7/15/11 4:32 P

Edys slow churned ice cream sandwich is my fave lowfat

DANIB1972 SparkPoints: (200)
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Posts: 3
7/15/11 4:01 P

What is everyone's favorite low cal ice cream? I've been tracking for a week and it's so hot here in Oklahoma, I know I'm going to want some ice cream or yogurt this weekend.

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