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3/6/14 6:50 P

Yup. The easiest way to understand it is that the word "ounce" has two different meanings. It can mean an amount of space, equal to just under 30 cc's (or 1/8 cup), or it can mean an amount of weight, equal to 28g or 1/16 pound. Fluid ounces (which add up to cups) are good for measuring liquids or things like flour or sugar that always take up the same space. Weight ounces (or grams) work for everything and are better for anything that can be squished or cut up or melted so it changes in size. Since ice cream has air beaten into it, it can be fluffy when it's first frozen and then shrink up if it melts or ages, so the weight would be more accurate.

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3/6/14 4:09 P

Dragonchilde is not quite right. Ounces can be either weight (one sixteenth of a pound, or 28 grams) or volume (one eighth of a cup or 3 tablespoons if I have it right). Hence the confusion. But grams is always weight (and you can convert to ounces of weight if needed), and cups or tablespoons and so on is always volume.

3/6/14 2:08 P

Good info. Thanks all.

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3/6/14 1:53 P

I just use Google search on my android phone (that nifty "OK Google" that's similar to Siri on iDevices) and ask something like "how many cups in a liter?" and the answer pops right up. No additional app required.

To clarify - you can accurately convert terms that measure similar ways to measure (i.e. volume, OR weight). Grams can be converted to oz and vice versa since they are both weight measures, but converting grams to cups for anything other than water will not really be possible without looking at the individual label since as was mentioned, 1 cup of water will weigh more oz/grams than 1 cup of whipped cream for example.

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3/6/14 1:48 P

Thank you all for your replies, Does anybody know of a good App for Android for grams\oz\cup conversion

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3/6/14 8:24 A

Go by what the label says. It's 67G. Always use the more accurate measurement when possible. By weight is usually your best bet. Cup measurements are approximate.

Ounces are fluid measurements, basically measuring volume. So are cups. The grams weigh the measurement. A 1/2 cup of rice won't weigh the same as 1/2 cup of ice cream, or half a cup of meat. All will have different weights. If you're unsure, always go with the weight.

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3/6/14 7:57 A

water is the only thing that is 1 cup and 8 oz, both fluid and weight. a [weight] oz is equal to 28 grams. 8 fluid ounces is the same volume as a cup.
for your ice cream, that means that 67 grams of it should be right at a half cup. the 67 grams is the more accurate way to measure it, but if you want to go by half cups you can do that as well. so if you want to use your scale, you measure out 67 grams of your ice cream and it will be a serving. you could also fill up a half cup measuring cup and that would be a serving as well, and it should weigh about 67 grams.

3/6/14 7:37 A

Looking at a Ice Cream Food Label, it says a serving is "1/2 a cup (67G)". Everything I see about measurements states that 1 Cup is 8oz and an oz is 28g. So is this serving 1/2 cup? (4oz or 112g) or 67g?


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