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1/19/14 8:27 P

Graston technique, ART and strengthening might help.

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1/19/14 6:56 P


Your physiotherapist should be able to give you more than just stretching exercises. They are the ones who should be giving you strengthening exercises too if they feel like muscle weakness is one of the reasons you're having this trouble. You can use a foam roller daily, and it can be very helpful with ITB issues. But because this has been going on for so long and it sounds so significant, I'd recommend seeing your doctor and/or physiotherapist again so that hopefully they can address the issue again.

Coach Jen

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1/19/14 2:16 P

This is a question you really need to discuss with your doctor and physical therapist. You shouldn't be starting any exercise program with a medical consultation anyway.

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1/19/14 11:59 A

I have ITB syndrome really bad in both thighs/hips to my knees which is causing incredible pain for me. I am wondering if anyone has other tips besides stretching because this has been ongoing for about a year now and I bought a foam roller and use but have never understood if you are supposed to use it every day or not? I have went to Physiotherapy and they just gave me stretches to do and I have done the deep tissue massage therapy as well with no real relief. What am I doing wrong that this will not go away? I do work 10 hours a day and my job is very demanding (I am a stocker for a large hardware store) so I am constantly moving. I understand that strengthening the quad and hamstring may help but not sure about exercises to do that. Any help from anyone that has ITB problems would be a big help as I am suffering a lot. I want to exercise but just walking on the tm isn't possible because if I go too fast it hurts....if I incline it hurts. I have been working with elliptical a bit on level 0 just for some exercise.
Anyone with help?

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