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11/20/11 10:42 A

If you freeze all of your fruit first, especially bananas, you can get a really thick ice cream-like shake from a good blender. Add in whatever fruit (or veggies! Beet greens and spinach go well with no added "green" taste) you like and blend with yoghurt or fruit juice or just ice.

Some blenders work better than others with this, so you will have to see just how thick you can make it without clogging the blender.

Good fruits to use:
Bananas, any berries, melon (though it will thaw quicker than other fruits), stone fruits like nectarines and peaches, mango. Really most any fruit will work, but those with firmer texture will make a thicker shake. Try it out and see what works for you!

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11/8/11 12:21 P

Try the soft serve banana desert. If you can spend the $50- the new machine that makes creamy desert like frozen bananas and other fruits is fantastic. A friend of mine has one

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11/3/11 10:16 A

I have made one from a recipe in the book America's Most Wanted Recipes- there is a recipe for Dairy Queen ice cream. I modified the recipe to be fat free of course. I don't think it would work in just a blender. You need an ice cream maker to really make it work.

10/30/11 8:26 P

I want to find a recipe for a smoothie-type dessert that I can make in the blender, but will end up thick and creamy like soft-serve.

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