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Yes you are right, marrow is a squash! Thank you for your ideas, yes I was thinking of trying a few different recipes as it is rather large!

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10/13/13 10:36 A

To my understanding, a vegetable marrow is what we call summer squash, here in the States. And if that's what we're talking about, yes indeed it is good for you. Although I daresay it would be hard to eat a whole large one at just one meal; you might want to split it up and spread it over a few days.

I often saute sliced summer squash and onions in a little olive oil, just til the squash has softened. Sometimes I add a some diced tomato, right at the end-- just so the tomato gets hot but not really mushy. I like to put black pepper on mine but you could sprinkle on garlic powder or whatever suits your fancy.

Sometimes I split the squash in half and brush it with a little olive oil, and then grill it. You could use the broiler if you don't have a grill.

Sometimes I chop a bit of the squash and add it to a big pot of vegetable soup. You could dice it or shred it and add a little to spaghetti sauce. Most people like their squash cooked, but sometimes I slice it or cut it into "sticks" and eat it raw with a little low cal dip. Those squashes grow really well here where I live, and people give away tons of them from their home gardens.

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10/13/13 7:28 A

Hi Sp's

just wondering if the vegetable marrow is good for you?

I need to find some recipes as I have a large one to eat.

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