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SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
10/5/13 9:43 A

Thank you CMCOLE, I will look them up

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
10/5/13 9:43 A

Thank you SUNSHINE6442, I did have two meals yesterday, and only doing it tonight

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/5/13 9:27 A

well said, Sunshine.

There are also SP articles addressing this very dilemma/situation

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,216
10/5/13 9:22 A

You are not doing this on a regular basis.....the body's metabolism thrives on food, so when you fast, crash diet, or restrict your intake to below 1,000 calories, your metabolism will respond by sloooowing down to conserve energy. Enjoy the dinner and get back on course afterward.

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
10/5/13 12:11 A

Morning SP's

yesterday I ate a little less calories, and was told in my daily report that this can affect my weight loss, can someone please explain this?

The reason I did this is because tonight I am going out and will be tempted with some fried plantain, fried fish etc, so although I aim to make some healthy options, I will treat myself, as I do not eat Jamaican food very often!

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