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This site uses research evidence for its health and weight loss recommendations. There is no evidence to support the statements you have made in your post. Research evidence comes from the review of many studies that use good research techniques, and published in peer-review medical and health journals. Based on the data--recommendations for the public are then made.

I good site to look at research would be at:

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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This is a healthy eating/exercise/lifestyle site, where things like GMOs and non-processed foods are discussed daily. So most of us here know about GMOs already. I just found your initial post to be condescending and patronizing. BTW, without at least posting links and other useful information, it's hard to take you, as a "health professional", seriously.

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As a health professional with several decades of practice under my belt along with teaching in university including nutrition I am not spouting off something I heard on TV. Most people don't know about GMO but maybe where you live. I think your response was rude and I won't comment again. Read Dr Mary Enig if you doubt my comment.

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You created an account just to post to warn us that Canola oil is bad for us? Newsflash, most people know that Canola oil is a GMO product. If you're going to make claims about the bad health effects of these products, please link to the studies that give the information instead of just spouting off stuff you saw on TV or read in a newspaper article.

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I was reading a recipe today that just made me wonder. It called for Canola oil and Smart Balance margarine.
Canola is one of the most GMO products on the market. Canola oil is very toxic to your liver even if it is NOT GMO. This is because of eurycic acid, toxic at 2%, but is at 4% in commercially available products. Canola oil is also because of processing a TRANS FAT.
SmartBalance is made from GMO soy and canola oil and it has been proven that these oils actually do not benefit heart health.
Skip the artificial sweeteners too like aspartame and sucralose (Splenda). Both are known to promote obesity and quite a few other health problems. Just because it is ok says the FDA does not make it good for you.

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