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6/27/13 10:17 A

How much are you training?

IF is primarily used by athletes for losing weight while preserving as much muscle as possible. They eat in a 3-6 hour window after an intense workout typically consisting of an hour of weight lifting, and then 2+ hours of sparring and grappling.

The whole point is to get to eat as much as you can to give your muscles adequet nutrition after ripping them up, then not eating the rest of the time to get your body to use itself for energy. Gotta be fairly high protein, and combined with serious training.

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6/27/13 8:07 A

I believe if you search 'fasting' you'll find lots of discussion in not only this particular section of the message boards, but others, as well.

Pros and cons are discussed, I believe

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6/24/13 6:33 P

So I have just 4-6lbs left on my goal and I will be where I want to be. Yay me. I have been staggering my calories throughout the week: 3 high, 3 lows and 1 day of high or low depending on if I plan to exercise that day or not.

Has anyone tried intermittent fasting? Whether it is fast 1 or 2 days a week for 24 hours (non-consecutive days) or like a 15-18 fast with a 6-9 hour eating wonder or the eat at a moderate calorie one day and the next a very low (less than 800 cal) day?

I am not too concern with muscle loss. I could stand to lose some muscle in my calves and stuff. I tend to hold a lot more muscle there then I should. Looks gross on a female. I am more or less looking for some feed back (WITHOUT a complete bashing session on any of them or people who do them).

Which method did you use? How did it work for you? Fat loss/body fat reduction? More/less focused or energized? Do you still use this method?

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