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WHTWOLF1955 Posts: 1
10/1/09 6:18 A

Since I was injured three years ago at work I keep putting on the pounds. I use to be a solid 169 lbs when i worked as a stockperson at a highend retail store. It kept me in great shape and I'd workout at night or in the morning before work. When I hurt my neck all that came to a shrieking halt. I've been trying to watch what I eat and my caloric intake. The problem is I can't exercise with 3 herniated discs. I can't lift more than 10 lbs without suffering the consequences. I need all the support I can get.

MELTEM2 Posts: 51
10/1/09 6:17 A


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HAPPYFEET4 Posts: 4,101
10/1/09 6:15 A

I don't know what I would do without the support of my team. We cheer for one another's achievements and support each others problems, and encourage mindful choices as we face each days challenges. Thanks for being here for us Spark People!!!! emoticon Smiles! Betty

MITECU Posts: 9,050
10/1/09 6:14 A

This is very good to know when we are struggling to stay on track.

MARIE091 Posts: 179
10/1/09 6:14 A

I keep hearing about everyone getting support on this site but I belong to 4 different groups and when I post something, either no one or only 1 person replies. Am I missing something? When i first joined(back in March) there was tons of support and i enjoyed logging on every day. now, ive given up because its like im talking to myself. if i find support and pple that i can help support i would like to rejoin. so, where is everyone at?

CRIKKIT1 Posts: 323
10/1/09 6:12 A

I clicked on this thread because it was in an e-mail. How awesome to see all the support and encouragement from others! Good luck to everyone and just reading the replies, I too am motivated to remember to respond and try to help others!!

MELTEM2 Posts: 51
10/1/09 5:52 A


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10/1/09 5:44 A

I am grateful for you that you found this page to come to for motivation and inspiration. I would be glad to keep in touch and be a listening ear. I have lived away from home too. My first husband was in the Navy. I did not move out of the country but did move to another state at a young age and found it to be very difficult. Of course, that is ancient history but I do know being away from the familiar is hard.
Good for you for taking the iniative and starting out exercising and eating better again. My mantra is a little better each day. I try to do one thing better for myself each day and it does help.
God bless you.

MELTEM2 Posts: 51
10/1/09 5:35 A

I am definitely in need of a friend for support.Due to being trapped away from home with no one to share hard times with or vent to has truly been the root of my problem. But to understand why I have to go back and start at the beginning so, bare with me. I have a very unique situation .I am American living overseas in Turkey. Four years ago I agreed with my husband to give his country a try and we opened a small hotel here. So, now all our money is tied up and even though we wish to sell it is not going to be fast or easy until this global economy crisis straighteners out. So, I am trapped away from all my family and normal ways of life,with very few friends,no social life, or people who speak English. Thus, I am very lonely and my weight gain in the last 4 years has kept back up about 40 pounds. Since, there is rarely anywhere to go and the culture has a very relaxed attitude about dressing up I have very little motivation to look good. But,when I look in the mirror I hate what I have turned into!I had lost 60 pounds back in 1996 and kept it off for 10 years,I never felt so good as then.
I have finally convince myself that I will never be happy again until I can respect & feel proud of myself. So,I have begun a walking routine approx. 2 miles a day and some stretch exercises. I am eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, and watching my intake of carbohydrates,(I have been on enough diets to know what one should eat). I keep looking for any type of positive involvement or opportunity for some source of socialization. I even tried to find a job teaching English(I used to be a teacher) but, we live in a beautiful but isolated area. The recession has hit hard and this area which has a limit 3 month tourist season was very slow this summer. Presently,I am dying to get back to America, but the money doesn't exist.So I have to plan on doing whatever I can from here.
If anyone out there is looking for a "long distance friend and over the internet exercise partner"( I know this sounds crazy)it's me! I need someone who like me stays motivated when they feel someone else is counting on them for support, encouragement and can listen to whatever has to be vented out emotionally to keep a positive attitude and see ray of hope. I believe when you have that the pounds will be a lot easier to get rid of. For me having someone to walk down a emotional/difficult path with makes the odds of winning the battle much in my favor.
To all who have read this thanks. Just putting it down has already helped me. I hope I am able to help someone else too.

10/1/09 5:34 A

I lost my job which had been getting less and less nice to go to in 2006. Actually, they fired me and it was the best thing that ever happened to me work-wise. I was miserable with the new management for the last five months of my job. I now have a great job which I have had for two plus years now.
It is so try everything happens for a reason and it will get better.
Keep your chin up.

LESMAIER SparkPoints: (0)
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10/1/09 5:30 A

I know what it's like to be in a job you are unhappy with and to lose a job out of the blue. It sounds trite, but things change and happen for a reason, although it doesn't necessarily feel like it at the time. Life is a circle with ups and downs. What helps us get through it is friends, getting our heads straight (and sharing here and with others helps to do that).

I have found that helping others in whatever way works for me, actually helps me. For instance, I love to volunteer - had been an EMT with an ambulance corps for many years and in the past 20+ years I work with animal-related rescues with my local humane societies plus do pet related therapy with my own dogs. Working with my animals and like-minded people gets me through the days. Going to nursing homes to help raise the spirits of those who need it helps my own spirit.

As far as losing weight, I have found that just by mindfully logging every day has helped me. The weight is slowly coming off, but it's coming off. Yes, I have some yo-yo days, but basically, the scale numbers are going down and that works for me - hope it helps others here, too.

As far as loss of a job or not being happy in your job, know that life changes and by keeping your eyes open for what you will like to do will help. I'm not making light of it - it's depressing and frightening at the time - but your circumstances WILL change.


CURVYCC Posts: 277
10/1/09 5:22 A

IF U need support... You are so right, this SP Family is here to encourage and support each other. Ask and we do give. I asked for prayer recently and the response was overwhelming, but it's getting me through. Spread the Spark!

DIDMIS Posts: 121,606
10/1/09 5:21 A

Yeah my goal weight is 152 and I got down to 148 but now have gained those extra pounds back. Seems it is harder to lose those you put back on than it was to lose them the first time.

10/1/09 5:11 A

Irene, that was my Grandmothers name. She lost 50plus pounds once and was a great motivation to me. I see you have lost a lot of weight so far, good for you. My family, especially my Mom, would be glad to have known I was taking care of myself. I am grateful to have so many (the clouds of witnesses, right?) around me that are motivating and warm and wonderful. God's blessings to you as you endeavor to lose those last few pounds Irene. emoticon

DIDMIS Posts: 121,606
10/1/09 5:06 A

Say this is great. Sometimes we are so busy helping everyone else we forget to ask for help for ourselves. I reached my goal weight but then have gained some back. I know a lot is water retention as I have been swelling so much but not all can be blamed on that.
I need to lose those pounds I put back on before it gets out of hand.

10/1/09 5:02 A

It helps just to know there are others out there who are trying their best to get healthy and still struggle like me. At the same time these folks are trying to be positive and courageous by following through with their hopes and dreams and sticking with at least staying posted with Sparks so they can learn how to better themselves. Kudos to all of you that struggle and search your hearts for the answer to reaching your goal. Acknowledging that others were put on this planet to help us will only serve you best when you stay in touch so don't ever think you are alone. Sparks will be there for you, I am proud to know all of you! emoticon

SUNNYGIRL28734 Posts: 1,333
10/1/09 5:02 A

ELKAJAN1...honey, i don't mean to negate your feelings at all, but when I get sooooo down (and believe me, i do), I look at positives vs. negatives. These days having an 8 hr. a day job is a blessing. Having a roof over your head is a blessing. God led you to Sparkpeople for a reason. You may not be able to take time off work but you can take time every day for you! Read motivational material. Journal your feelings and write something positive every day; truly believe it, feel it, and take it to heart! I wish you all the best...and remember, the first step to happiness is self-acceptance and being happy with yourself!

SUNNYGIRL28734 Posts: 1,333
10/1/09 4:56 A

I so husband tries to be supportive, but weighing all of 145-150 lbs. he doesn't understand what its like. But I was so happy the way his face lit up when I showed him this incredible community!

ELKAJAN1 Posts: 30
10/1/09 4:35 A

Good to vent out your feelings. You are special and you can have a fulfilled life. Start first by making a list of 20 things you are grateful for. I don't know whether I can say this but reward yourself with something you like that isn't too fattening, like some dark chocolate etc, (Just 2 cubes). And then praise God for who He is and that he loves you just the way you are.
I saying a prayer for you right now.

ELKAJAN1 Posts: 30
10/1/09 4:24 A

Thanks for the encouragement. It could be anyone of those. I'll just keep on going and see what happens.

ESTI13 Posts: 4
10/1/09 4:23 A

Ok here goes... Guess I'm writing because I am having one of my "off" days. Not an off diet day or an off exercise day but a day of feeling like it all just does not matter anyway. I feel totally out of control of most aspects of my life and now I have to worry about eating celery instead of doghnuts as well. It feels like the dieting thing is the last straw and the only thing I am allowed to rebel against.

I am stuck in a job I hate for 8 hours of the day, live by myself and have no way of changing my circumstances for at least another year. I would love to go out or go for massages to cheer myseld up, but I am not allowed to take any leave in my first year and don't earn enough to pay for anything more then the basics.

I know my life could be worse but I feel this weight of unhappiness on me and its not something that is going to go away no matte what weight I am. I have been eating well and exercising all week but it does not help that afterwards I have to go home to an empty flat and get up the next morning to go to a job I hate.

Guess I am just venting... Don't think any advice will make it better... Tomorrow I'll be OK again.. Untill my "off" day next week...

I don't wanna be thin... I just wanna be happy

10/1/09 4:21 A

so what do you feel your doing wrong? are you exercising and eating healthy at the same time? what sort of exercise can you cope with? and what food do you love eating?

make a list of these things and answer them and lets go from there.....I will look out for your post...polynesiangirl

ELKAJAN1 Posts: 30
10/1/09 4:19 A

Thanks, that makes me feel better. I'll keep on going and let you know.

10/1/09 4:18 A

You know as we mature our bodies change too, especially after you have a baby and it may or will never be the same again. I still kept active with my children,like playing ball with them outside, being in a mothers group or join a walking group with mums and pushers (prams) it is a great way to lift your spirits and get exercise. You may not notice some weight loss, but you may notice the feeling of acceptance, of yourself being a beautiful woman and loving your body the way it is.

RACHJOB Posts: 86
10/1/09 4:15 A

Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes we get so busy with things that we forget that there are people out there to support us too. emoticon

BAIYINA1 Posts: 5
10/1/09 4:13 A

I need help period........I am not losing the weight I know I should be and am fighting comfort eating....I want to get this weight off and keep it off...have tried everything next to starving myself(and I know that does not work) I wam trying this borad for the first time.... emoticon

10/1/09 4:09 A

this is so amazing! i already feel the support!

10/1/09 4:03 A

This is the difference between Spark People and all other attempts to loosing weight and to healthy living.

We all feel free and not ashamed to share our thoughts no matter how silly they may seam to us we others. We all feel free to share our intimate fears because we know that Spark People are people exactly like us, they will not laugh at us and they will not criticize us. On the contrary, Spark People find that they have so much in common with other people's posts and comments. What I have often felt when reading a post is that ''I could not have phrased it better''.

Answering back to complete strangers and trying to help them with our own experience on this matter is a common issue here. The term ''complete strangers'' is just a way of writing, actually I do not feel like a stranger here at all. I feel that I am in the arms of a huge family that loves me, cares for me and is more than willing to help me or motivate me when I send out signals of distress.

I am trying to do the same. I am trying to help others when I read a post with some issue inside my knowledge or interest.

Give and take, share with such a big community, finding comments on my page, goodies, answers in my everyday mail... all these manage to keep all of us alive. The virtual and online issues here do not matter at all. This is a living thing!

The anxiety I feel every day to open my email account and find so many new emails from SP is a very real feeling!

Thank you all for the completely unexpected turn you Spark People have given to my life!


COVEGIRL1 Posts: 9,400
10/1/09 3:29 A

We all need encouragenent from time to time. Thanks for sharing.

TANYAP11 Posts: 1
10/1/09 3:05 A

Hi Everyone,

This is the first time I'm writing. I weighed 75kg as a teenager, loss the weight by 21 and weighed 55. I felt great. Then I got married and fell pregnant put 80kg while pregnant.I weighed 65 after the baby. My baby is two years and now my weight is 73kg. I have started walking everyday,but I dont eat healthy. I know what to do,just dont have the will power. I would really appreciate some advice.My weight makes me so depressed. emoticon

DAFYDUC Posts: 901
10/1/09 2:40 A


YIGOBUTTERFLY SparkPoints: (206,425)
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Posts: 29,169
10/1/09 2:35 A

If you have gained muscle and lost fat the scales may show a weight gain. Have you been measuring yourself? I do the neck, arm above the elbow, bust, abs, waist, belly button, hips, upper thigh at largest part, above the knee and calf. I have lost in these areas sometimes even if the scales have not dropped.
Jane from Guam
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

MACMOM4 Posts: 1,175
10/1/09 2:20 A

I'm so glad you felt supported. I think the Teams and huddles are one of the best parts of SP. I know I always respond if I can when I see an "I need support" message. And ALL of us need support sometimes!
Best wishes on your goals.

10/1/09 2:00 A

Hi my name is Latoya and i am 20 years old about to be 21 this November. i would really like to lose 15 pounds before my birthday but it is so tough to do. I don't feel motivated and everything i eat is just wrong. I feel like i really need help and motivation i really want to reach my goal. emoticon

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (247,020)
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Posts: 26,794
10/1/09 1:45 A

Have you considered that it COULD be muscle weight gained but FAT weight lost? Muscle weighs heavier than fat!

Another possibility - have you decreased your calories by too much?

Yet another possiblity - could it be hormonal?

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ELKAJAN1 Posts: 30
10/1/09 1:41 A

I am walking 2kms a day. Drinking 2litres of water (need that cos I live in a tropical country) and I have cut down on sweet things. I weighed 66kgs and want to drop down to 60kgs. BUT I HAVE PICKED UP 1KG!
When I weighed myself today I weighed 67kgs
Why is this, can someone tell me? Someone told me that sometimes one picks up weight when one starts exercising. Could this be the problem?

YIGOBUTTERFLY SparkPoints: (206,425)
Fitness Minutes: (112,566)
Posts: 29,169
10/1/09 1:35 A

Daisy, not sure what to say... Hope you find something you like very soon. Don't quit. Getting healthy is important and may help you find new employment.

My prayers are for you!
Jane from Guam
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

10/1/09 1:30 A

Thanks Lane63Dog.... I had actually forgotten all about the support available to me. And have been a bit lost lately. Will be reaching out. Cheers xx

DUTCH_PEARL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (61,026)
Posts: 4,259
10/1/09 1:25 A

Thank you for being you... I also offer a lot of support and encouragement...I agree 100% ASK and there is someone out there to help...

TURBOLUPE Posts: 172
10/1/09 1:23 A

You know what helped me? WOWY... have you tried? You get "virtual workout buddies" you set a workout date, and then you log on and work out at the same time. it really helps, because you know they're expecting you to log on. you can even invite the friends you've made here on sparkpeople to do with you, and you can see that they're online working out in the virtual supergym too. if you have the same videos, you can even do the same workout...

check it out

Then click the blue link... join team beachbody... it's free and so much fun!

SLDORE Posts: 35
10/1/09 1:15 A

WOW did I ever need to hear that. I am in a bad spot right now. I have gained some of my weight back and cannot get motivated to get back on the band wagon
!! I have tried and every day I just get on the wrong track. I NEED HELP!! I know it is up to me. Why do we do this to ourselves. I know if I could just start keeping my journal faithfully it would do the trick. Once again, as I have been doing every night, I vow to write down everything tomorrow!!! emoticon

38BABYGIRL Posts: 1,937
10/1/09 1:11 A

OK, I need support. I am doing great with diet and exercise and the weight is coming off. But I recently lost my job and it "had nothing to do with job performance." But, if you've read my blog, you'll know that in VA they don't have to actually give you a reason to let you go. They just can. And so my self esteem has taken quite the hit lately... that and of course the fear of not having ANY money coming in and with nothing left in savings, I can feel depression breathing down my neck.

10/1/09 1:10 A

Online Now  • ))
I totally need to do that. Today was a horrible day. I hope I can get back on track tomorrow. Thanks for the great idea.

YIGOBUTTERFLY SparkPoints: (206,425)
Fitness Minutes: (112,566)
Posts: 29,169
10/1/09 1:00 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Glad you got help!
I agree that support is needed and available!
Thank you all who have supported me!

Jane from Guam
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NANCYRUBIO Posts: 318,417
10/1/09 12:45 A

SP is one of the friendliest organization I have every joined. Be in a good mood or just want the day to end, some one will reach out to help you.

TURBOLUPE Posts: 172
10/1/09 12:44 A

Thank you! Does such good to hear that every now and again...

TUPPROACH Posts: 110
10/1/09 12:37 A

That is very good to know. There are many days still that support like that will go a long way!

NETTENUT Posts: 137
6/20/09 9:15 P

I agree with you completely..the support is so important..
I don't feel alone in this healthy journey..what a great gift..

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (112,042)
Posts: 46,222
6/20/09 3:08 P


emoticon are so right! This journey is only that much greater when we get to walk it with others!

Here's to a healthier you!!!


SHERLYN-WILL Posts: 3,183
6/20/09 12:40 P

If U need support for a bad day of any kind or lack of motivation to hang in there, then join a Spark Team and 'huddle'... I asked for support yesterday on one of my teams by huddling... and posting "I need support" and 4 sparkgoodies and notes of encouragement showed up on my Sparkpage very quickly. It really showed me that someone cares! So I encourage others to let us know you need a word of encouragement; I truly believe that encouraging others and motivating others motivates me too. I love this place! LOL

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