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ICE Cream???

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SparkPoints: (6,403)
Fitness Minutes: (289)
Posts: 794
6/10/13 6:39 A

If I want ice cream and I'm craving chocolate, I eat fat-free Fudgsicles.

40 calories each -- Love them!!

SparkPoints: (93,288)
Fitness Minutes: (51,019)
Posts: 818
6/7/13 5:52 P

Consider fat free greek yogurt with fresh berries
and a little stevia. It is very smooth and satisfying.

Or try the brand Arctic Zero. It has 35 calories per
1/2 cup.

Posts: 508
6/7/13 9:45 A

Usually have yogurt frozen and it is fine. Or, will have sugar free chocolate frozen sticks.

SparkPoints: (6,403)
Fitness Minutes: (289)
Posts: 794
6/6/13 1:10 P

If I don't eat it, I don't miss it. ;o)

SparkPoints: (2,598)
Fitness Minutes: (1,044)
Posts: 75
6/6/13 10:48 A

You can always get some strawberry or lemon sorbet or some fat free frozen yogurt to have a home. That would be if you can handle "moderation" on those types of things (some people can't)

SparkPoints: (124,700)
Fitness Minutes: (104,394)
Posts: 3,926
6/5/13 7:53 A

Ice Cream is the best, just use portion control!

Posts: 299
6/5/13 7:09 A

emoticon I didn't think of that! Last night he was bragging about how good he was yesterday, no junk food and he lost a pound. He also is trying to take off some weight! In 2011 he put himself on diet and lost 40 pounds, This past winter he gained 10 back, so is now working to get it off! After just having company for the weekend and indulging in food and drink, I have to get back on track! So why he mentioned ice cream ?? LOL emoticon

Posts: 55,427
6/5/13 1:43 A

You could have gone along and gotten a diet soda and listened to him talk. I'm sure his "little boy" would have come out while enjoying his "cone". emoticon

Posts: 299
6/4/13 5:36 P

emoticon Just a while ago my hubby wanted to go and get a soft serve ice cream. I have no idea how many calories are in one of these, but I told him my weight was up 2 pounds and I need to get it off., for him to go by himself. That;s no fun, won't go without you., he says.A year ago I would have gone! I am strong this year. In January I started at 161. It's hard and slow getting it off, but I am not giving up. OH, yes, I love soft serves! emoticon

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