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12/22/11 11:26 A

Good luck!

HELENUK100 Posts: 107
12/21/11 2:22 P

Thanks for the advice all - wasnt aware of the IBS spark teams so will definitely go and check them out.

I havent spoke to my GP - because I know I've already tried all the medications on the market in the UK for my type of IBS and none of them make any difference. My GP is more likely to get over excited about the massive payout my weight loss is going to get them and try and find as many other weight related things wrong with me to increase the pay out more. Apologies for my scepticism but here in the UK primary care doctors (who are the gate keepers to all specialists) get paid money for the number of patients who lose weight and various other health indicators.

Currently the foods that are triggering me are the majority of fruit and veg - with the odd exceptions - such as mushrooms - so really dont think I'm going to be able to avoid them.The fibre certainly doesnt clog me up so to speak and I cant see it being a short term thing. I'll check out the teams and see if anyone can help.

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12/21/11 1:01 P

Howdy! Yes, I too suffer from IBS. Ordinarily I don't post when Archimedes has cuz she is sooo thorough! But my thoughts are these. DO talk with your doctor, and DO research Spark People and other IBS sites for info about trigger foods. The simple process of changing your diet is a trigger. Mine took about 6 weeks to iron out. The program is WAY worth the effort to regulate. Go for it!!!

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12/21/11 10:46 A

Hi, Helen !

Have you talked to your doctor about your recently IBS flare up ? If not, you should start with your doctor. I know that when I started eating more fresh fruit and veggies, the extra fiber did seem to "clog" me up. However, that was short term. I can't remember how long it took for my body to adapt to the extra fiber, but before long, it did.

You might ask your doctor for a referral to a dietitian who specializes in IBS. They could craft a nutrition plan that would make sure you're getting all the vital nutrients your body needs, plus lose weight.

For now, have you talked with any other members with IBS ? You might join one of the IBS Spark Teams. You may find talking with other members who have the condition helpful.

HELENUK100 Posts: 107
12/21/11 9:43 A

I've completed my first month on here - and the weight loss is going well. I've cut out all Sodas and energy drinks, am eating loads of fruit and veg and am now reguarly excercising.

However, my IBS that had been quiet for many years, has come back with a vengance. I eat very little gluten or dairy - two things that would trigger it before. Now though I think the fruit and veg and added fibre is causing the issue.

The type of IBS I suffer from is not helped by extra fibre - infact the complete opposite. I'm suffering from pain, bloating, gas and more - and its depressing at times. Medications do nothing, I'm not stressed - this re-emergence of my IBS is completely linked to my changed diet. Infact the healthier I get, the worse the situation seems to get. If I cut out everything that triggered the IBS now, and stay healthy and within my cal limits, I wouldnt be able to eat anything at all.

Does anyone else suffer with this issue?

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